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Hello, I'm looking to purchase HT seating for my new basement. I've looked around quite a bit and Berkline seems to be the way most people go. Here is my setup: -I have a total width of 156" to work with, that is wall to wall. Recline space is not an issue. -I need seating for 4 people, each seat needs to recline. I'd like to have at least the two seats in the middle w/out an armrest in between, if needed I can go with only armrests at the very outsides to save...
I'm looking to purchase an inexpensive rack or rack system for my HT gear. The rack will be placed in my furnace room so I absolutely could care less what it looks like. I would prefer an open rack system for maximum ventilation. It needs to hold: Sound receiver (probably Onkyo 806) Blu-Ray player (probably Panasonic 35 or similar) Dish network 622 or similar receiver room for a couple more sat receiver sized components Thanks in advance! DB2
I'm looking for 2' long strips of LED lights that I can mount under my basement cabinets. The strip must be able to be hard wired to a switch, I'm not looking for the plug in type. Does any have any experience with these? Could anyone recommend a place online to purchase? Would I be better off going with a fluorescent? Thanks in advance
LOL What a cheapskate.
I recently attended a huge rock concert and I was lucky enough to get floor seats. Right when the show started everyone pulled out their cell phones and began taking pictures. This didn't suprise me, who wouldn't want to snap a few pics of a show from floor seats? However, after a few songs I began to notice that all of these people around me were still taking pictures. I looked closer and figured out that they were all either taking photos and texting them to someone...
I'm looking to buy a Paragon popcorn machine for my basement. -Counter space is NOT a factor -90% of the time I'll want popcorn for just two people but at times we'll have parties where we'll need more Which size should I get? Can you cook 4oz packages in 6oz or 8oz poppers? Are the larger kettles more efficient (less old maids)? Any other advice/recommendations? Thanks in advance.
I posted my impressions about the AE3000 a while back. In my post I mentioned how I was able to see the Panasonic PT-AE3000U zooming 2.35:1 material directly compared to the PT-AE2000U in stretch mode with a Panamorph lens. I was shocked when I detected very little difference in sharpness or detail clarity. Maybe this is why? Maybe what Cine4Home discovered is true?
PQ looks excellent via E* A little bit of pixelation on backgrounds during fast motion but the lack of obnoxious graphics (are you listening ESPN?) is great.
I'm pumped for this year's games on NFLN now that Kermit The Gumble is gone!! PQ was excellent last year and graphics were kept to a minimum.
Not as a standard size but any of the screen manufacturers should be able to make a custom size in the 2.35:1 AR (or any aspect ratio you choose).
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