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Just wanted to get everyone's feelings on the soon be released Home Cinema 3 from Mitsubishi. LCD 1200 Lumens 800:1 contrast Native 16X9 1/4 HD 3000hr Lamp Anyone heard anything? Anyone looking at/considering this projector?
With your price point and specifications I would look into the Panasonic L300U for LCD or the NEC240K for DLP. The L300 is native 16X9 and also has DVI-In. The 240K has a higher contrast and more lumens.
I would recommend the 240K if you prefer DLP and the L300 if you prefer LCD. Another point of consideration is the L300 has DVI-In, the 240k does not.
rl623- It sounds like you're doing everything "the right way" with this projector (regarding screen, inputs, etc.) I would be very surprised if you were anything less than wowed by the image.
We have had a significantly less amount of complaints about Rainbows on the 240K compared to the X1...in fact, we've had none yet.
We have had a significantly less amount of complaints about Rainbows on the 240K...in fact, we've had none yet.
In general, the Mits is more expensive than the NEC.
The 240K and D300U are just about the same on paper: both 2000:1 contrast, XGA resolution, neither has DVI. The Mits has 100 more lumens (which is almost unmeasureable) and 2000 more lamp hours. The 260K is rated at 2400 lumens but it has a lower contrast than the other two. FWIW, the 240K has been the most "popular" of the three thus far.
You might take a look at he NEC240k and 260K. 240K is 2000 lumens 260K is 2400 lumens
If you would like to actually view a projector in your home environment, many dealers offer some sort of "trial" or rental period at no cost. Regarding your specific needs I would suggest taking a look at the Panasonic L300 if you are not adverse to LCD. Derek 1-877-330-1991
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