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harmony!! Or try the RCA RCR312WR from Wal-Mart like others have suggested. (it works)
My AsRock ION 330 Pro will arrive tomorrow from Newegg. Planning on putting it in the living room and networking to my Shuttle HTPC in the bedroom. Are you guys running Windows 7 having any problems with DTS (core) sound in .mkv, .m2ts, .ts, etc HD files? (within Media Center) In my previous experience with Windows 7, MPC and ArcSoft would play DTS, but Media Center would play video with no sound. AC3 files played fine. I have AC3filter working perfectly on my...
I've had sucess playing .m2ts (720p/1080p) files through HMG on my PDP-5020FD with DD, but any DTS files play with no sound. Any chance Pioneer will add DTS support in a firmware update? Or at least have the option to downmix to DD or even stereo?
4) If you want to play AVC-HD discs, update your firmware. I posted this a few pages back, but the Fox (will not play) list can be found here:http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=21985
After update "C", I no longer get DTS or DD sound with my .TS files. It defaults to PCM Multichannel on my receiver. Not a big deal, just thought I'd let you guys know.
Or this:
With this new update, the Memorex really has an advantage over other "budget" players by being able to play so many other (HD) file types. I can take back my previous comments about Memorex. They really F'd up the first firmware, but seem to be back on track now. I wasn't overly impressed about having to rip apart my player to retrieve a disc (in order to install firmware), but it was really no different than changing a drive in a PC.
Imgburn also works well. You need to burn the files to the root of the disk. (no folders)http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download
Not if you flashed with the first firmware. Tried hooking up to my laptop via sata, but the power cable going to the drive is non-standard.Powering the Memorex on did not seem to make a difference. There is a manual eject hole marked with an "E" on the side of the drive. Stuck a trusty paper clip in there and all was good. Flashed the C firmware, and so far, so good. You reacted as if I brought a hammer and chisel home too.
Well, not always. I got my Panasonic for $149. But, I see your point. Hopefully, this new firmware fixes everything.Thanks, I'll try that.
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