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Just wanted to let readers of this thread know that I have posted my perfectly working KDS-50A2020 in the classifieds section. Never had any optical block probs, still has original bulb in there.
I have a sony SXRD KDS-50A2020 50" rear projection for sale. The TV is in superb condition with no scratches to screen or bezel. Includes decent condition wood stand. Both sold as-is. Must come pick up in Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. This bought in late 2007, and was one of the later sets in this series and therefore did not have any optical block problems. I have upgraded the man cave to front projection and this tv is just not needed any more. I am the original owner of...
I have the same exact problem - how did you solve your issue? -dennis
try here: http://www.mcmconnect.com/lampsandmo...n%20Protectors they have various ones of different sizes
You could have a ground loop problem. I have a 1960 built house with crappy wiring and ended up running new circuits to get around this mess. Try plugging your computer into the same power strip as the TV. try to plug minimal other stuff into the computer, and if you have a monitor make sure it is plugged into the same power strip also. see if temporarily taking all the other inputs out of the tv solvs the prob also
i used generic media from the internet
All the car stereo ipod controllers use an analog connection AFAIK - the wires in the ipod's dock connector are analog, not digital. The stereo is sending control signals to the ipod that are controlling the ipod and telling it what to play. the "quality" via the headphone jack and the dock line out should be exactly the same. I would guess that you may get better quality by connecting the ipod via the usb connection. In that case the head unit would be reading the mp3...
Have not seen any posts here on these 2 units, of which I have owned both, thought I would give a post about them. I became interested in these units due to the DVD-MP3 playback capability. I do not watch movies in the car - there is a $80 portable dvd in the back for my daughter. I am not crazy overall about ipod audio quality. I have a JL audio A4300 amp with Focal TN52 front tweeers, Apine Type R front woofers, Focal rear deck speakers and a MTX 12" sub powered by...
within the past week WFSB-DT has vanished for me in east longmeadow, MA. it used to be very strong. are they having issues???
used to get WFSB-DT in no problem in east longmeadow but now it is not coming in at all. Have they been messing around with something?
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