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Maybe i missed this in this thread so sorry for possible repost but... I have had a 350 for about 3 months now (got it at CC so no exchange possible now) and today popped in Madagascar 2 and after about 25 minutes it went blank. No sound or picture. TV (Sony Bravia) works fine on Sat, XBox, VCR but no signal from Blue Ray. Turned it off and then back on got it to come up but when I started disc again it went blank. Going to install new firmware today but afraid...
but will it be HD and still suck bandwidth?
So if I am getting the "searching for signal" on the new HD channels, i guess i have a problem? i do get that on channel 499 or 498. i have reset my receiver. do i need to go out and start messing with my dish?
I have the H20 receiver. If you want, I can post my last update and software numbers that are on the menu. okay, so then there may be physically three feedhorns, but there are actually 5 LNBs. Good becuase I didnt want to call DirecTV back and say the installer messed up. thanks
well, Carlos came by on Thrusday with DTV and got the Slimline installed. noticed that they must have done a software upgrade to the H20? menu seems faster and there is a "dong" whem putting in channel numbers. Nothing new on my old samsung. just buying time until i have to replace it. Any news on when the new channels are up? I keep hearing this month One thing I noticed with the Slimline, there are only 3 LNBs on it, all grouped over to one side. I do not...
thanks for the info. DirecTV provides so much information on their website it is hard to get thru it all
sigh... just got email from directv about the bbc. i think when i had them put up a new dish a couple of years ago, they took the bbc with them. and i know that it probably not work with my samsung, just my h20. i do have a h20 in the box that i bought before they started "leasing" them. question is: Do i have to have the 5 lnb? and will the bbc work with the samsung? thanks cjc
i guess it is all about customer service. oh wait there isnt any at a few of the locals. sure would be nice if they were all locally owned again and had an owner that cared
Questions about DirecTv. Anyone else notice NGHC going up?
Looking forward to Sunday and the games. Thanks for all your efforts rhoops!
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