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I ordered a set, but they're on backorder. When they arrive, I'll post my impressions. I'm not expecting miracles for the price, but hopefully they'll get the job done until my budget allows for something better.
I received my screen today. Or perhaps I should say what's left of a screen. The packaging is incredibly inadequate, and the box was ripped and shredded beyond belief. It had been wrapped in tape, but this did not help. The screen casing is badly bent and scraped up. This is extremely disappointing considering I was charged $59 shipping. A phone call to Eastporters got me a voicemail, so I am waiting to hear back. The box is so badly damaged, I'm not even sure if it could...
I ordered the 120" 1.8 gain gray manual pull down screen. I'll post my impressions when it arrives. I'm hoping not to find any major waves on the screen, but am encouraged by the good return policy if I do. I'll be projecting a Sanyo Z5 from about 22 feet back, seating distance about 18-20 feet from screen. Viewing cone shouldn't be an issue, and I'm hoping that from that distance I won't see much of the texture/sparklies that people have associated with this screen.
Interesting info from the monoprice website regarding the 135" screen:Question: When will you be getting Electric Projection Screen Product ID # 3016/3018 in stock? Answer: We do actually have it in stock but haven't been able to figure out who to use for shipping because of its over-size volume. Please check back later. Note: Item IS available for local pickup When you select "more info", you can find this by clicking the "knowledge base" tab below the related products...
Gordo, just up today:http://www.projectorcentral.com/planar_xscreen.htm
XXXLCracker: Thanks for posting your experience. Could you let me know if the screen blocks light from behind? I would be lowering mine in front of a window, so I need to make sure the material is not at all translucent. Also, do you notice any waves on the screen, or does it appear to be flat and smooth when extended? Thanks for your help!
Does anyone know if this screen will allow light through if lowered in front of a window?
Can anyone with a manual pull down screen comment on whether there are noticable waves? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by ShiningBengal I have used both component and HDMI on my Z5, which projects onto a Carada 102" Brilliant White (1.4 gain) screen. I have looked very hard and I can see zero, zilch, nada difference when projecting HD content from my HR-250 DirecTiVo. I am using 25 foot cables in both cases. Some people say that component yields as good or better than HDMI. YRMV. I think the "magic" in HDMI is way over-hyped. I...
Dr. Jon, My understanding is that both DVI and HDMI are better than component when running from one digital source to another. My DVD player is an old Denon that does not have DVI or HDMI, but outputs 480P from component. It looks fantastic. I'll be using the DVI to HDMI cable for my digital cable box. mrbigdrawz, My projector is about 20 ft from the wall, but the Z5 has a huge zoom range, so you could get away being closer or further. Projectorcentral.com has a...
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