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Yep, confirmed last night. I'm good. Thanks for the replies. No reason for anyone in this area to NOT go with D* now eh?
Hey Dean, Your guide isn't showing HD yet though right? What time last night did you confirm, because my channels were not in HD around 9:30ish. Just wondering if I need to reboot or something.
Thanks BIslander. The only questions I have about that are, will the Harmony change the volume on the TV for me depending on which activity I choose? Or can I just mute the TV speakers when watching a movie? How do people usually do it? And the sound from the DirecTv will come out of both the TV and sound system, right (HDMI from DirecTv to TV, then what, optical to system)? Sorry, just want to double check all of this before I close up the wall.
No idea if this is the right forum or not, We are setting up a new master bedroom in an addition that's rather large. The master will be around 14 x 20. Our plan is to have a mini home theater off to the side, i.e the sitting area next to the bed. The wall mounted TV will be able to twist to the side when/if I want to watch TV in bed. The thing is, if in bed, I want to be able to watch without the surround sound on. So I only see two options: - Either have a...
DeanPa, sent you a PM.
Thanks for the great responses previously on my switch from Comcast to D*. I've been moved over for a while now and still love it, so that's got to be a good sign. I just noticed on my DirecTV HD Receiver (H20) that there's been a change in the guide listing for my local channels. I have all of my local channels listed as before, NBC (6), FOX (8), CBS (10), ABC (23) but after each one there is the same channel number with a -1 after it. So, for example, NBC is listed...
OK, I've made the switch to D* and successfully negotiated a 6 month reprieve from the crazy cost of internet only service from Comcast ($27.49). So you can't just take the cable and attach it to the Antenna In on the back of the HR20/H20, but there is a signal for the local HD channels still? So what do I need to get to plug in between the cable and my antenna in? And where do I get it? Thanks all, JP
Thanks for your input DC and Tiny ... I will call Comcast and ask about cable modem only pricing, but I'm sure that they will jack it up another $10 at which point it might force me back to Verizon DSL. Not sure of any other non dial up alternatives around here. The info on the DVR setup and lease only about D* was fantastic, thank you very much. Now at least I have some idea on what to look for .... would be nice if Comcast picked up the Big 10 channel, it might...
D* is short for DirecTV and E* is Echostar (aka "Dish Network").
It's nice to see that people are talking about switching to D* ... I couldn't wait for Comcast to get in here and now with the pricing structure I've already had enough. It's sad, but maybe you guys can tell me ... I want to have 2 HD DVRs and just went through D* site real quick. It looks like you have to lock into a 2 year lease plan. Any way to buy the equipment and just pay for the service? Or do you recommend doing the lease? Also, they mention getting...
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