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My Samaung Dlp has begun to have the colors become distorted. It starts out fine but will after a couple of minutes change hues and just generally have the color all out of whack. If I leave it on longer it seems that eventually the color will come back and be normal. I'm guessing it's the color wheel but am hoping to possibly get confirmation that this is the issue before I spend the money to replace it. There are no other issues with the tv. It doesn't shut off or...
Here is my humble setup. Samsung HLS-6167 HD-A1 Yamaha RX-V740 PS3 Gamecube XBox Definitive Technology ProCinema 100 speakers
Great info guys, and especially thanks to 93geo. Anyways, when will Suddenlink start carrying KRBC in HD as it is for KTAB? I sure hope that Suddenlink is planning on carrying KRBC in HD.
It's going to be so nice to have Local HD here in Abilene. I'm thrilled that SuddenLink will be carrying KTAB and KRBC. Now I'll be able to record The Masters in HD on my DVR. woohoo
Nope. I had every intention of waiting for the PS3 to come out in the summer and figured HD-DVD would die a slow horrible death. I had no intention of getting a first generation Blu-Ray player either because of the price. But with basically everyone saying the PS3 wouldn't see the light of day until the end of the year, I started checking out HD-DVD. When I discovered the price was only $500 I definitely was interested. Well I got one and haven't looked back. I've had nary...
I love mine. I've been debating getting an upscaling player for the last 6 months but didn't figure I'd see much difference on my 57 Hitachi CRT RPTV, so I shelved the idea then I started looking into HD-DVD and figured I'm getting an upscaling player and an HD-DVD player all in one box. I have had zero freezes, locks, or other issues (well I have had the HDMI issue but only when I switch from the HD-A1 to my cable box.) I'm using the 5.1 analog outs into my receiver. I...
^guess I'll bump one more time^ Doesn't anyone on this board have this TV?
Is it not possible to watch say a classic movie (on DVD obviously) in 480p unless you use Full or Wide zoom? I try to switch to normal (in other words have the black bars on the side as opposed to top and bottom like widescreen) and get a picture that is completely distorted. Of course this only happens in 480p mode, also it's not my DVD player as the same thing happens when playing Xbox Games in 480p and normal mode. Any help?
Well I've been vacilating between the 34" XBR 960 and the 36" XS955 for some time. Originally I wanted to go with either DLP or LCD (RPTV) but as others have said the prices are just a little too high for video quality that can't match a direct view. Main reason I'm going with the 36XS955 is because I have a large library of DVD's that are 1:33. (Classic movies not foolscreen movies.:D ) I just didn't want to have to watch these movies at 27" with the 960. I'm also dying...
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