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I have had three blu-ray players (panasonic, LG, LG), and playing music from a USB flash drive leaves a lot to be desired. It's like supporting music/files/folders/playlists/etc is an after thought with the most rudimentary of functionality. I searched but there are no keywords that will lead to a concise post. So, if you have a Blu-ray player that you think has an excellent interface for playing music from attached usb drives (disk or flash), PLEASE add your 2 cents...
Different WalMarts handle this differently. At my local Walmart, the line is IN the store in the section that item is for (electronics). An employee comes out and gives out coupons/tags/whatever for the item you are waiting for. You know immediately if you'll get the item or not. I show up an hour or two ahead of time. If the doorbuster item I want is taken, I leave.
What, you mean like the XVT3D554SV??http://www.vizio.com/led-lcd-hdtvs/xvt3d554sv.html
I think $120 is fine on a 46" set. I probably would have checked out alternatives, and tried to get something in-home. I think that most major manufacturers warranties are in-home.
And big flat panels continue to rise in popularity regardless of opinions of the pundits of this forum: A Quarter of TV sales are 50" and larger I'll check back into this thread occasionally with updates, and to serve up additional plates of crow.
The only thing disappointing about 2010 (and 2009/2008) is that they have not managed to work the backlighting bugs out. Flashlighting/clouding/etc should be a thing of the past by now. I wish... for just one year... they would put the feature race on hold while they perfect this one area. Otherwise, 2010 was a great year. It's just you.
I have purchased two of monoprice $25 mounts... one for my 55" set and one for my 37" set. I lag bolt them to studs. I have one about 4.75' off the ground and the other about 3.5' off the ground, and they provide enough tilt to the primary viewing area.
It took me about two years before I decided that I just could not stand SD channels any more, and went total HD.
At 7', the 55" will give you a cinematic experience! When something really good is on, I'll sometimes move to 7' (I have a 55") just for the total immersion viewing. At 15', you will be glad you kept the 55". I'd go so far as to say that the 46" is just BARELY big enough for 15' viewing.
This is a fairly entertaining discussion. Okay, here is my 2 cents: I, for one, won't be louping a panel. Yes, I just made that up that word. You can attribute it to me. If I buy a set and take it home and it looks like crap, I'll take it back. I am not convinced that everything observed under 20x magnification makes all that much difference to the naked eye at 13 feet. I will stipulate to the idea that there are probably some things observed under a loupe that would...
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