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I also do see some lighter areas on the sides of the screen in dark scenes in a totally dark room but no horrid looking patches of clouding. These areas are not as obvious with a bit of light on in the room. Don't know if that is expected with LCD's. Coming from plasma you start noticing these things over time. Perhaps just a matter of resetting my expectations with edge lit LCD/LED screens.
I don't see any obvious patches of clouding or flashlighting. Tried Gravity BD last night. In scenes with black space with stars I could see some faint lighter areas at the edge of the screen. Probably normal for an edge lit screen. Will try to post some pics later.
Is there any link to where I can get full black image to test for flashlighting, clouding or light leakage of the panel? I am within my return period just in case. Also if somebody can post pictures of their screen for reference to see what's normal when it comes to looking for panel light leakage, that would be great. This is my first LCD/LED therefore I have no idea what is acceptable & normal with edge lit panels. I will do a full reset of the TV this Saturday after...
I am looking at purchasing Marty-cube flat packs also for my 2 IXL-18 subs.
Thanks. Do I need to download Torrent on my computer & then download the clips on USB? Computer novice here.
I am really interested in Marty cube flat pack for IXL-18.. How do I go about buying them?
How do I get the Samsung demo torrent file? Is there a link?
For starters the surround & basket are properly aligned & holes line up. The surround is uniform & even. The driver also is heavier than SI-18 likely due to heavier triple stacked magnet. This is just my basic observation. I am not technically inclined. Some of you guys are more technically savvy so please chime in.
Thanks. That's what I figured. Let the panel settle in for few days & then do the evaluation for light leakage. So far I have not noticed any obvious uniformity issues. I will run the AVS HD disc again in a week.
Can we get back on the topic? I am few of the IXL18-Mk2 owners. Want to know if the newer driver is improved over the old version as it appears that it uses their PS voice coil now. Hopefully Mark can chime in. Build quality is way better than SI-18 I have currently. Magnet is a bigger size too than SI-18.
New Posts  All Forums: