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I have an old ReplayTV/Showstopper 2000 that died on me. I upgraded it a few years ago and used it ever since. But, now it's dead. Are these things worth anything anymore to anyone?
Anyone know when there will be a PVR available that can record HDTV?
Anyway, so how do you determine your TVs resolution? And, can the use of Powerstrip do damage to the television set? If the answer is yes, how quick could this occur (i.e. if I choose one wrong setting on Powerstrip do I screw up my TV permanently), etc? Cheers.
Quote: Originally posted by grumpy I'd also wonder if OLED can be made in 42"+ sizes economically. LCD has only now acheived this milestone, but remains stubbornly higher priced than plasma. I think RP LCD will move up to 1080p either Christmas 04 or spring 05. It will be cheaper than LCOS and DLP at 1080p. Micro Displays are the new up and comer tech and have a lot of momentum building behind them. For a new Technology to emerge it will need a few...
This message started by saying HDTV was coming to Walnut Creek/Orinda on June 3rd. It's not available in Walnut Creek, as far as I know. Anyone else in this area getting Comcast HDTV?? I think Concord has it, but what about Orinda, Lafayette, etc. Why not Walnut Creek???
How do you know what resolution the TV can support? How can this be determined? And, what resolution does the Mits WS55805 handle. Also, I have read that 1080i inherently means that the tv does 1920 x 1080 resolution (in the scaler FAQ found through these forums). However, my Mits WS55805 claims to be 1080i compatible, yet I don't think it actually does 1920 x 1080 resolution. The reason I say this is because my understanding is that there are very few TVs doing 1920 x...
I throw this question out because most of you reading these know a lot more about this stuff than I do, or even work in the industry and have better insight. But, what's the future of HDTV technology, particularly the ratio between cost and quality of LCoS, DLP, Plasma and LCD (flat panel and transmissive)? I'm mostly interested in TV form factors because front projectros will never be adopted by a large portion of consumers (in my opinion). My understanding is that...
New Posts  All Forums: