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yes Ken that number 64 is on the low side and has me concerned. The 55 I have now, even with 120 zones, will show halos, very noticeable when displaying test patterns like a window signal. So I am waiting, based on the universal praise regarding their PQ. As to the size, we have a den, using it as our TV room. So I have a upper size limit when watching SD or HD material. Nice set up, the window has shutters so the ambient light can be near zero. I have a bias light and...
As to a TV. am waiting for the VIZIO 65" P series supposedly available in fall. Then there is their reference series. Both have back lighting, the reference has 384 zones, the P has only 64. Anounced price for the P 65 around 2K. They had excellent reviews at the CES. Might be worthwhile looking into I own a Vizio 55" now, nearly a thousand LED's,120 Zones, we watch from 6 to 10 feet distance. Outstanding PQ Gene
Greenwave, One of my Platinum standards for PQ has been a segment called 4K Flowers,shot with the 'RED ONE". And under very controlled conditions. I can say, that according to my eyes, you have replaced that standard with your AX100 sequences. I can't believe that I own a camera that is capable, in the right hands, to produce such stunning videos! And I will try to take a tripod along on our next trip, what a difference that makes. Thanks for posting this. Eugene
Batteries again. It takes at least a 100 million investment in Asia to start a Li-I battery factory so it is not a basement operation. As to made in Japan, I remember Sony's fiasco of recalling over 1 million batteries because some had metal particles in them that would short out in time. Or the problems a certain airplane has. So I take my chances and hope for the best. The post office will not accept Li-I batteries unless they are in a device like a cell phone....
Nice to have a bottomless valet. I have used 3rd party batteries for many many years on Canon, Sony and Panasonic camcorders not one went bad. With Sony one has to be careful, there appears to be a chip in the battery that tells the camera if the battery is not a Sony product. So I make sure to buy only battery brands for Sony products that others have tested. With my still and video cameras I must have had at least 20 batteries. After all B+H sells after market...
Batteries, aftermarket, FV100 4.9AH 4ea Vivitar from eBay app $80 total including two wall chargers, same brand. Batteries are compatible with 100, show time left etc. You need one wall charger for ea 2 batteries, takes 4+ hrs to charge. Will charge Sony batt too. Have used after market batts for years. SDXC 64GB 8 ea, 3diff brands, combined read write better tha50MB/sec from NewEGG all under $30 ea.I chose 64GB = 2 Hrs, not all eggs in one basket etc. 1 clear 62mm...
Latest from Vizio P series says fall delivery. Bummer Eugene
Well said Rick.Plenty of material around now. Eugene
Ken, I looked at the videos you had posted,Great camera handling. Especially on the gondola starting on the accordion. What camera? Gene
James, at the moment I have no vehicle to do that, this forum will not accept MT2 files. Have to check with vimo. Great video you posted, years ago you could have seen us on the water too.Thanks. Gene
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