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Can you have different output resolutions on each of the two HDMI output (e.g. 1080p on MAIN and 720p on SUB)? I've read the manual but I couldn't figure this out. Thanks!EDIT: may be not simultaneously (prob. out of the question because there is only one scaler on board) but how about independently? I only need one active at the time but one will be at different output resolution than the other, such that I can switch from one (1080p) to (720p) w/o reconfiguring anything.
I have downloaded the 40.1 user's manual but I couldn't figure this out: can you assigned different resolutions on the 2 HDMI outputs? E.g. pass-thru/1080p on the "MAIN" HDMI output and 720p only on the "SUB"? If yes, can you toggle between the two without going through the setup menu every time? Anyone? Thanks! Reasons: instead of selling my old 720p projector I want to use it for TV and causal gaming and get a new 1080p (probably an AE4000) for movies, etc.
I'm on the same boat!
I'm going to go for an Epson 8100 but I have just changed my mind
You can dl games on your PSP 3K. Just get a large enough mem stick pro duo. Or, get one those twin micro SD's -> ms pro duo adaptor. I got one of those adaptor and created a 24GB pro duo
It finally works for me... on the 5th time. Yes, I cleared the cookies each and every time I retried but still it took me a while to get one code that works.
Tried 4 codes now. None of them works...
Me too. Tried 2 codes none of these work...
What do you mean? I thought Peace Walker is slated for Spring next year or somewhere around that time frame.
Doesn't really matter because I'm only interested in 2 from that list.
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