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I guess I will not be getting one next week...
BTW, will the Go be available earlier before the official release date like the PS3 Slim?Not traffic info but there are a few map/touring apps in Japan and EU for the GPS attachment.
Next Summer! I think I will import it this time around...
If a bug crawled/flew inside the 360 and killed it can you call MS and complain it has a bug? Seriously, I will not put a 360 outside, at least not for hours. It is not designed to withstand the elements.
Unfortunately no such deal in Canada. The saving just doesn't worth a drive down South for me
I want a Fanatec but @ 10x plus less I ordered this Logitech from Dell
Don't just blame the executives only. They are the products of the demands from analysts, stock holders, board of directors, etc. When you are looking at your 401K (RRSP up here) portfolios or your other investments what do you see? The benefits of the employees? Innovations? No, for most folks it is just the dollar signs. Also, the average time a CEO sits in one corp. is ~3-4 yrs, I think, so what is "long term" mean to them? Nothing. Also, not everyone is a real leader...
Any word on will Sony provides some facilities for existing PSP owners to transfer their UMD games to the new PSP Go?
Any news on your "evaluation unit"? Is it on the market yet? Any link? Thanks!
Both my wife and I enjoyed Puccini's La Boheme Blu-ray from Opus Arte: very solid performances (both vocal and acting) from all casts. Both LPCM tracks sounds pretty good to me in terms of dynamics, clarity, etc. The 1080i video is not too shabby as well. Don't have a lot of Opera Blu-ray at the moment but from this one and the Opus Arte demo Blu-ray disc it sounds like Opus Arte got it right. Also got Eugene Onegin from Decca. Fleming surprised us... she is doing very...
New Posts  All Forums: