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This is the Sony HW30 that I bought new several months back. I don't use projectors anymore, so I'm looking to sell this one. The unit is in good condition with some minor flaws on the casing. Asking $1600. Paypal only please. I'll pay for the shipping and Paypal costs.
A friend of mine bought a Sony VW85, and he wants to ceiling mount it. Is there a model that is recommended for a projector that size?
Just took delivery of a 65VT60. It was delivered by Ceva, and the two delivery guys were great. They brought it in, unpacked it, and made sure everything worked before taking off. I was worried that they would bring it to the door and leave me to it. Big weight off my shoulders. So far everything looks good; I'm running an older version of a break-in slide DVD I made, and I don't notice any dead pixels (my old 5080 had a pixel that was red almost dead-center of the...
Tried another factory reset of the emitter and both pairs of glasses with no luck. I'm not sure what else to try.Is there another system like the MonsterVision kit?
Well, I tried the factory defaults, and then a firmware upgrade, and the glasses no longer get super-dark. However, they still don't sych up properly. The image will look right for a few seconds, but then it will look as if I wasn't wearing the glasses as all, and then look normal again.Thanks for the advice, but I guess the receiver is beyond repair.
So far, I viewed the two later Final Destination movies without problem. Tonight I tried to watch Tangled. All through an older 'fat' PS3.
I'm having some trouble. The emitter shows full green lights, but the glasses will flicker, turn very black, and just not seem to work. I thought it was just the glasses themselves, so I bought some Optoma ones here. But the Optoma ones are doing the exact same thing. Is it the emitter maybe? Everything worked when I first bought the kit, about 4 to 5 hours worth of content, but nothing since then.
Can someone offer some advice? I have the MonsterVision 3D Max kit for the 3d glasses and transmitter. Last weekend, my first time using it, everything worked fine. However, tonight I can't seem to get the glasses to sync up properly. The emitter is showing full green lights, and it looks like the glasses are powering on (I can see them get darker and flicker intermittently), but they never display the 3D properly. Has anyone else seen something like this before?
Can an RF 3D emitter be plugged directly into the HW30? Or would one need to make an IR -> RF (or vice versa) adapter?
I had an RS45 (before it bombed out on me), so I used to run it at -15 iris and brightness was not a problem at all. I tried the higher iris settings and sure, it was brighter, but the -15 setting was still bright enough for me on my HP screen.Despite what I said earlier, I keep thinking about getting one of the Sony HW series anyway. I'm dying to try out 3D on a good machine. I keep changing my mind and I'm driving myself crazy. =_=
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