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That's all part of the user agent, I highlighted it all in red. Then you just click on the link for whichever firmware you want to download and it should work.
Sayabas now checks the user agent of the device trying to download the firmware and rejects it if it doesn't look like it's coming from one of the players. To get around this use Firefox and the user agent switcher add-on. Once the add-on is installed go to the options for it and add a new user agent. For the decription just use Syabas or whatever, for the user agent use Syabas/12-45-060125-02-IOD-234-000/02-IOD (uCOS-II v2.05;NOS;KA9Q; Res1280x720,HiColor; TV...
It's a bad light engine. Check the last couple of pages in this thread http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=351829
The site is not down, it just has a user agent check now and won't let you download the firmware with IE. I have firefox installed just so I can use it's user agent changer to check for new firmwares without having to use the linkplayer.
Try it with the patch that was released today, might change your opinion a little.
In UT2k4 set players must be ready and then everyone will have time to change to one team before the match starts and the bots will fill in from there. All gametypes work the same way.
It's the best version to date, no XVID problems and still has DVD upscaling. What version would you like to roll back to from this one?
http://myibox.net/update/local-bus/1...OD-234-000.bin Oct 31st 2005
Here are some quotes from the IRC chat last night
You need to use October 2005 firmware http://myibox.net/update/local-bus/1...OD-234-000.bin It will fix the avi problem and is one of the few you can use to roll back from the current version
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