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Great job, Kevin! I love it when these empty boasts get BS-checked!
Hehe, yea that was me! I'm glad to see that many are discovering the same great LCD I saw at CEDIA. I'm not going to get this display, because I'm going Pioneer, but I have to say that thin bezel sure is fare more attractive than that ugly fat Pioneer one. Plus, I'm sure the Mitsu will easily tie the Sony on resolution, while color looked spectacular, but I would have it ISFd anyway.
Yes, it does! Go to IKEA, if one is near you. My wheeled stand is from IKEA -- simple, cool and very, very cheap!
I wish these cabinets came with wheels under them. Why don't furniture makers realize we need to get behind our gear to constantly plug and unplug?
C..k-block! I love it when someone catches those "bargain" con artists, too many folks like this on this forum! We're looking for honest info, why bother lying?!?
Robert, what's the story with the A35, is it shipping?
Oh, they will be in stores this month Mitsu said at CEDIA, so that should beat Turkey Day handily!
Yes, I'm that "guy." And I thought the Mitsubishi 46244 was an astonishing set. I'm not surprised by that. I have a Dec. 2004 vintage LT-2220 and I have yet to see a 22-inch LCD that has better image detail.Of course, then as now, Mitsubishi does charge more than the average manufacturer, but if LT-46244 is any indication, it's going to be one fantastic set. Look forward to getting feedback from the troops here.BTW, I asked the CEDIA person to confirm the model number and...
You're welcome, Tom! BTW, the PR folks were far more helpful this CEDIA, must have been because I was there on a Sunday. Top PR teams: 1. Pioneer 2. Panasonic 3. Toshiba
Funny you would bring these up. I thought the Mitsubishi LT-46244 was the third-best display on the CEDIA floor today. I wrote a post about this in the CEDIA forum.I think everyone will totally dig the rich, true colors and the thin bezel makes the total experience much better. No gnarly, ugly bezel here!
New Posts  All Forums: