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Hi guys, I just received my W6000 and it has firmware 1.0. I am trying to find out how to get into the Service Menu so I can change the iris min/max settings which seem to resolve the noisy iris issue, but I can't find this menu item anywhere? I thought it would be in the ISF hidden menu but its not there either? I'm having a few issues calibrating this projector with Brilliant color turned ON, its way too green. I've tried applying the projectorreviews.com...
Hi, I just purchased a Benq W6000 1080p projector and have installed it. I just have a question for people here who own one of these...there are 2 'rings' at the front of the projector, one for the zoom and one for the focus. For some reason my zoom lens (the one on the inside) is sort of loose, it can rattle if I push it from side to side, is this normal? Its certainly not in a 'fixed' position...maybe mine got damaged during shipping?
According to this review of the Mvix Ultio (which uses the Realtek 1073 chipset, which is essentially the same as the 1283 chipset) it seems to support less formats than a player that uses the older Sigma 8635 chip? http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/conte.../30894/80/1/1/ Anyone like to debate or comment?
Hi, can some of the Xtreamer owners please answer this question for me? I'm wondering if the new Xtreamer supports things like slow motion (forward and reverse), fast forward (and reverse), chapter next and previous, time skip (the ability to enter a time and have it jump to it). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
Can you tell me what sort of browsing options there are on the remote, fast forward, fast reverse, chapter next, chapter previous, slow motion forward, slow motion reverse?
I'm trying to find out some specifics about these players, I've found on many websites and listings that EGreat players only support slow motion forward/reverse on mpeg1 and mpeg2 video formats? I find this quite strange on such a full featured player...can anyone deny or confirm this? Thanks
Hi guys, I just need some advice on where to mount the screen in my room. I have a 120" 4:3 Da Lite grey screen and an Infocus X1. Unfortunately, due to the way the room is setup, there is no big wall that I can place my pulldown screen. The best place I can put it is on two beams that run across the ceiling, this means that my screen would be about half a metre away from the wall. For best picture, should I make sure that the screen is up against the wall, or as close...
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