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Anybody know if you can pickup the MASS series in pairs? Given space limitations and I'd like to get 2 to ac as rears with my GX series. I know they are leagues apart, but again space and cost. Also, does anybody have a GXC350 that can measure without feet? I'd like to get that over the 150 to pair with my GX300s, but am afraid it's slightly too big for the opening in my Standout stand.
No, I agree. I demoed them at the store and felt the 1 sounded better, especially for the money.
1) By CD I assume you mean something through the Connect and not a CD. Answer would be yes - you can pick and choose your groupings.2) You need either one Sonos component wired, or a Sonos bridge connected to your network. Based on that Sonos then runs its own wireless mesh network.
You checked and aren't having IP assignment issues?
You'd have to log onto your router and look at the IP addresses handed out. See what the MBP has and if it matches what is in your Sonos setup. If you don't know how to log into your router you should be able to check manual or Google for default access settings.If it is the problem, you could setup the MBP with a static IP. Again, Google process if you are unfamiliar. Will require making changes in router and Mac.
Is your music on the Mac? Do you have any other Sonos components? It's possible your Mac is continually obtaining new IP addresses and therefore the path you provided Sonos isn't valid. It would only work on the random chance the Mac picks up the same address as when you set it up.
Any with dual inputs that can auto limit to 1 signal? I'd like to have AVR and a Connect hooked up, without routing the Connect thought the AVR, or manually swapping cables.
So around this topic - is anybody aware of amps that have signal triggers? I've been thinking of getting an amp to pair with my receiver (Marantz 6006), but would like the ability to also put in a Connect and run the speakers for Sonos without the AVR.
It depends on what bitrate you are streaming at. I am in the process of redoing my CD collection into FLAC at the standard CD bitrate and the results stream fine to my Play5s. They component's won't support files like those from HDTracks though encoded at higher bitrates. See here: https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/80/~/supported-audio-formats#var_f
When I first hooked up my GX300s I thought they sounded a bit weak. I forget which, but either I hadn't hooked up the bridge or AVR was still set to small. Given the ability for the spiders and tweeters to be driven without the bridge, would I see a benefit by using my receiver as a biamp and removing the bridge?
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