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I guess you could set up an Airport Express. You should be able to stream to that off of your phone and your NAS if it has iTunes Server.
What about MA Mass, Paradigm Cinema or Millenia, or Orb?
My Horizon is scheduled to be delivered Friday. Excited and hope it proves to be a good purchase!
I'm still in the process of buying/auditioning but started in a similar situation to you. Was set on Paradigm S60s, but wasn't as impressed after I listened to other brands. Based on what I've heard and you've listed I think you might really like the Focal 8xx V and W range. I was leaning towards those until I listed to the MA GX200s. Still waiting to hear some 300s. Didnt try any of the RX since I wanted something with visual personality - not just a box.
That did the trick! Everything went smoothly from there on. Thanks!
Picked up a 1713 for my parents and am having trouble getting things set up. Audio works when DVD via component to tv and sent coax (default) to avr, but I can get the GUI to show. I did only have one HDMI cable...do you need an active signal for the GUY to show, or is there an HDMI issue? I had tried monitor out, but batpigs post indicate GUI should only work over HDMI. Going to try a diff HDMI cable and get a firmware update when I hook up to network.
Does SOD have regularly scheduled sales? I know I've seen November and there was one recently for discounted shipping. Not sure what the pros/cons of various sales are and the best time to buy.
Congrats! Glad you like them. I scored my first Play5 through an open box deal as well. Suggest you keep any eye out on the Amazon warehouse deals.
Just received an email on PlayBar. Looks interesting and more practical than the SUB. Bottom picture on page suggests 5.1 capability with SUB and paired Play units. However, with only an optical I assume it would be relying on optical passthrough from the TV? http://www.sonos.com/mobile/introducing/playbar?lang=en-us®ion=us&utm_source=2013playbar-announce-USc&utm_medium=email&utm_content=big-red-button-USc&utm_campaign=2013%2bPLAYBAR
I know Monitor line was being made in China and brought back to Canada. When did the same start applying tithe Studios? I listened to Monitor Audio GX200 and miles better than the 60s. Also cost more, so I wouldn't expect a fair fight between the 100 and GX300.
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