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I don't have software or controller in front of me, but there is a checkbox some for playback as compressed. I believe mine was checked by default. It's possible yours is checked.
it was actually in the weekly print advert too.
Thanks, although I've been looking. After some more thought I think I may go with the 50s or 100s and keep my eyes open for a deal on some 300s for less than new 200s.Can anybody comment who has heard both? Right now my dealer doesn't have either. I went over the past 50 pages of this thread. A's far as I can tell, to include some online reviews, the 100s are not necessarily an improvement over the 50s despite the larger driver and 12Hz lower reach.
Great thread everybody. I'm looking to make my own as well. Plan is: 12 AWG Monoprice In Wall 10mm Cable Pants (Parts Express) 3/8" TechFlex from Furryletters (eBay) Amazon bannan plugs I'd like to keep my order/sources down, so my question is what size diameter heat shrink do I need to get from Parts Express - 1/2"? I would assume 3/8" would be too small since it matches the TechFlex pre-shrink.
Thanks for the heads up. I went and picked one up, but the experience was a bit weird. Said it was a price mistake and that Magnolia was matching, but the BB store itself was not. So the Magnolia rep rang me up, although wasn't able to give me the free Bridge as well. That's fine since I don't really need it and was more pleased to get a P5 at such a good price.
Hi guys. In the middle of auditioning speakers. Was leaning towards some Focal 800 series, but then gave a listen to the GX 200s. Retail base is significantly above the Focals though... Does anybody know what a reasonable price in these in the gloss black would be? Also, does anybody have experience with B stock? I saw retailer in Michigan has B stock listed, but they are not on MA's website. Then again I'm not sure they are classified as "online".
I'm in the same boat as the OP. I was set on Paradigm Studios and decided to do some due diligence and test as many brands as possible. I was very impressed with Focal 800s - very clear and detailed. I did feel the Paradigms had more of a full sound, but at the same time it was muddier. Now need to see if I can hear some Ws. Hopefully they can fill out the low end. I heard some great Dynaudios, but they were pricier bookshelves. May revisit other lines. I still need...
I thought you had purchased some MilleniaOnes to replace the Klipsch?
Note unrelated to my search for speakers - were there mid-size stands for the last generation Cinema LCRs? I need to find one shorter than the floor stand model.
I'm still in the early phases of buying/auditioning as well. I went to a local dealer and tried out brands I had not really considered - B&W and Focal mainly. I didn't test the MA Silver because they didn't do anything for me, and rep said GX was more than I was looking for (although I may revisit that point). I found the B&W CM series lacking. They weren't bad, but just didn't pop. I was however really impressed with Focal Chorus 800s. They had excellent mid and top...
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