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I'd give a look into Paradigm Cinema CT 5.1 system. It's right around $1k, and you can piecemeal with 200s or 400s for LCR. Both come with wall mount equipment. I'm sure others will have different recommendations too. Preview / breakdown of line: http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/bookshelf/paradigm-cinema-speakers-pre
Best bet is probably line in via some device that accesses YT, etc.
Curious if you have feedback on your CT100s. Did you consider any combination of 200s?
While I appreciate the PSAs on high volumes and hearing loss, I'm not sure the discussion addresses my original questions. For instance is there a fundamental definition of reference level, and is that implemented or represented consistently across AV manufacturers? Also, still not understanding bass charts and relationship of db to Hz.
I know a few people have the MelliaOnes - would 2 of these work as good temp surrounds for Studio 60/100s? What about the Millenia ADPs? Not too sure where these slot in to the range and prices.
I've been reading a lot of reviews on subs lately, but I'm having a difficult time understanding results. I've even read through a lot of procedure and methodology articles as well. I cannot find anybody defining the db in the graphs, or their relationship to Hz. I read something stating THX reference level is 75db, which in turn (roughly) translates to 0db on a receiver. Is this correct? I'll use an SVS SB12-NSD to illustrate further. According to SVS the sub can...
Clearing cache worked. Thanks.
Any idea on what is currently going on with regard to Tapatalk? I'm up to date on the latest client and cannot access the site. I even tried logging out and back into the app. Every time I receive and error message telling me to check with the site administrator. I also feel as though there has been a substantial decrease in the number of posts to the site since the revamp. Maybe it's a function of summer, but before there were multiple posts to threads I participate...
I suppose they are attachments. And I should have clarified - I can see them, but if I tap them to scroll/full screen it launches Saffari to AVS website and brings up picture. With old app it just tabbed over like you were going further down into a thread structure.
I'm not able to view picture in-app with TappaTalk, whereas I could before with the old AVS app. Instead launches me to Saffari. Is this a setting issue, TappaTalk, or other? Before you jump and say TappaTalk when I connected to AVS in app it said this form interface was developed outside their system. Maybe it boils down to an interoperability issue?
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