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It is through Earthlink from about 4 years ago. No fee at the time, still no fee (well, we'll find out next month for sure)
Their website is useless, it just says that the latest firmware was to "improve disc compatibility."I managed to find an old copy of FW 011 and I upgraded it from 002 that was on the player and there is no Cinavia. I wasn't brave enough however, to upgrade to the latest 014 as I found one post on the internet stating that Cinavia was included in the update. Since I don't think you can flash back to older versions of the FW (that's a reason I like LG) I'm not going to try...
I just received this player today for free (BDP-S360). So far, it works great with my backups, but it is on firmware version 002. Is there a firmware version that implemented "Cinavia" protection. I want to upgrade, but I don't want Cinavia. Or is there a list of problem movies from firmware 002. It would also be nice if I could download the older versions, but I don't see them on Sony's site. Can one flash from a newer version to an older version?
I called and talked to them. Apparently it was sent to me in error. I'm on the old Earthlink $41.95 plan and the price increases only apply to the Earthlink $42.99 plans. I wrote down the woman's name and number in case my next bill is wrong.
Maybe this isn't good to know since I just got a letter with my bill stating that my internet service will go up $15 a month and the free modem will now be $6 a month...Bye Bye Time Warner.....
Good to know, when they did the bump of mine to the current 15x1 they didn't announce it, you just rebooted your modem and it was there.
I have an HTPC in the theater room, but no blu-ray ROM and my tuner won't bitstream the HD Audio. That would just be more hardware to upgrade and I would then have a single point of failure.
May be true, but the new players won't play my backups. I like the backups because I can strip the "fluff" and don't have to worry about the original getting damaged. New players (built 2012 or after) have issues with backups. I will keep my eyes out for a good OPPO (as subtitle shift would be great for me with a scope screen), but the $100's that the used 93/95's are selling for is just a bit too scary for me. (I'll just start frequenting pawn shops...maybe they'll...
Thanks for the feedback, I may just let this one sit at the pawn shop. They had it marked $70 and I was going to try to talk them down to about $50. I'm looking for a decent player without Cinavia protection. Of course, I have to buy used as all the new ones have this built-in
I just got one of these for free. A couple of questions. 1. Does the latest firmware contain Cinavia? I see it was released after it was mandatory for new players. 2. Is there a place to download old firmware versions. 3. Is there a list of titles per firmware that playback was improved? 4. Will it bitsream all HD formats via HDMI? I haven't physically received the player yet, so I'm not sure which version of firmware is on it. I'm assuming it is an old...
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