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Yes, I had a pair of Sierra-1's for a while. Very nice bookshelf speaker, though IMO not on par with the ls-50.I still own Salk speakers. I've owned a lot of Jim's speakers.No sub at this point.
I'm 'old' like Randy ;-), and have owned some of the same speakers as he has (Ascend and Salk). The LS50's performance is stunning. I bought them just to put in my 2 channel system until I could decide on another full range speaker, but I'm not going to bother now. All I can say is 'wow'.
Bill, You and I have corresponded before....I don't post much over here. I sold my SongTowers quite a while ago. I had HT1-TL's and sold them. I still have Songbirds, SongCenter and Songsurrounds for HT. Looking for some new speakers too (probably will end up with HT2-TL's), but who knows! I looked at the Sherwood/BA amps before, and most people who have them like them. I'll look at amps but probably end up with an HT receiver for simplicity's (i.e. wife's) sake. ...
Bill, The Outlaws I used for 2 channel were the 7125 and 7500. The 7500 was quite a bit more forward sounding to me (more in your face) than the other 2 channel amps I was swapping in and out at the time (Forte 5 and Red Dragon Mono's). I also used the 7125 with my SongTowers for 2 channel use, and they sounded a bit more forward as well vs. a couple other 2 channel amps I had around at the time. I sold my last Outlaw (7500) in early spring. Right now I'm using a...
Bill, I've never owned Emotiva amps and never will as they are made in China, so I have no experience with them. However, I've owned a number of Outlaw amps (7500, 7125, 7075) and they have all been excellent performers. I looked at the 2200's but never pulled the trigger on them. I would expect them to be solid performers for HT use. I did prefer my Outlaw amps for HT over 2 channel, but YMMV. John
I have a pair of SongSurround I's in a dyed havana bamboo with matching stands. I don't think there's any issue of losing the woodgrain look with a dyed bamboo. Also, anyone looking for HT1-TL's with no wait a pair is available:http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls....of-a-kindreduc
I have a pair of them which I got about 3 weeks ago now. I've got them paired with a BAT-VK3i preamp, using balanced inputs. They aren't as detailed an amp as my previous Forte Model 5, but they provide a lot more heft and bass than the Forte (though they should, as the Forte is 100 wpc vs 250). I'm impressed as this is my first foray into Class D. The amps run very cool no matter how hard they're pushed, and they don't seem to ever run out of power. I've got fairly...
A Modwright SWL 9.0 is a tube based pre with HT bypass. They are usually available on Audiogon used well within your price range. Also made in the US, and upgradeable by Dan Wright should you want further mods.
I own Outlaw products but have never had a pair of their speakers. You can get some feedback here: http://ubb.outlawaudio.com/ubbthread...oard=47&page=1 The common understanding is they are made by Snell for Outlaw.
Outlaw's warranties are transferrable too. I have a 7500 that I might be 'persuaded' to sell as my wife wants a 7 channel setup and I'm 2 channels short! John
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