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Followed by my subwoofer can beat up your subwoofer.
Lulz. Now that's funny.
I disagree to agree. Wait, what?????
Different strokes for different folks. I personally can't stand Will Ferrell. I think I lost 50 IQ points after trying to make it through Old School and the like. Obviously my idea of comedy differs from others on here.The review was good though Ralph.
Your alluding to the fact that anyone made reference to a conspiracy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not going to argue about semantics; but companies are all about marketing, and there was definitely some going on here. Nuff said.
No one is arguing that point. It's how SI went about the process that put a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth. I'm also surprised that I have yet to see Nick on here explaining the rational behind the tactics.I mean come on; his company name itself has the word Integrity in it.
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