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There's definitely something be said for having apps vetted. But not to the ludicrous level of arbitrary nonsense on iTunes. There's a balance to be struck and Amazon seems to be doing a decent job of it thus far.As for percentages, I think the numbers would be better explained by number of devices running a given market.
There's no problem connecting an ethernet cable to something small. True, it would have to be a little larger in order to accommodate the RJ45 plug. But there have been plenty of small dongles like this using that socket (albeit typically as a USB-ethernet adapter). That and there are things like Ethernet over HDMI (but that's perhaps a whole other train wreck). As for Amazon, they're pretty good with generating updates. For a new product it's no too surprising to...
Agreed, 2.4gHz can be pretty congested in a lot of places. I'd prefer a unit with at least the option of using a wired connection. 5gHz won't be free of congestion for long either. That and I'd much rather avoid any of the usual security or reliability issues of using any kind of WiFi.I'm hoping devices like the Amazon Fire TV will support Chromecast receiving. I love the way the CC works, but just don't want wireless.
Pretty unlikely. More likely there will be more content announcements and improvements to the client software first. Maybe some bundles of new games with a controller at a package price. But reductions on unit itself? I doubt it. It's priced reasonably well for what it offers.But as someone that already has all the other devices (Roku2/3, Tivo, Chromecast, AppleTV, Xbox360/One, HTPC, XBMC/pi) I'm not finding it a compelling argument. If only because it doesn't appear...
I use WOL from Roomie (for now) with a VT60 and a wired ethernet connection. Works reasonably well as a 'power on' command. I've had no success at all using anything else to power it on via the network.
Which sounds like a decent setup. I'd lean toward there being something wrong with the unit you've got.
Agreed, I prefer Android whenever possible, there's just more options all around. I'd definitely buy an Android version of this if they made it.
Consumer electronics companies are notoriously bad at making on-device interfaces. But at least Denon does a decent enough job documenting their protocols to allow other apps to fill in the void.I've no stake in the product, but the 'DeRemote' IOS app works great. http://www.deremote.com/ It's definitely worth the price.
It's all about how the air is flowing at the individual units. I've seen setups where there wasn't enough clearance around the heat-generating units and they overheated, in spite of there being fans on the enclosure. The air was getting pulled from everywhere BUT the units that overheated. The gear was packed in too tightly with other stuff and solid metal shelves. There wasn't any way to get enough air flowing through the unit with that setup and it tended to overheat...
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