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Well I have just purchaced one of these baby's today. It was a demo model so I could'nt pass up the deal even tho it is not a Second Ed. I'll play with it all weekend and tell ya what I think.
Very big storm came thru East Montgomery today I know. So with all the trouble 12 had last week with the afternoon storms you are right. I was on vacation last week and they went off the air Sunday night I know. They droped a few time Saterday night. (only times I was watching 12 last week.) But what was weird was I had 100% signal.
Crap. Another multi channel. I'll check every now and then this week when I get home from work. I live about 40 miles north of Montgomery. In west top corner of Elmore Co. I have a Toshiba DTS-3100 using a antenna kinda like the Channel Master 4228 8-Bay with a rotor. I mostly point it South-Southeast.
Half way saved up my money to buy one! woot!
And his lazy butt did'nt get a receiver with firewire. Blah!
Quote: Originally Posted by DanHouck Keep this up and I may get interested again. But has progress been made on the dust issue? Looks to me (from the photos of the "guts" of this projector that others have posted) like the design has a basic flaw in this area, making it very easy for dust to get in and very difficult (have to open up and remove a circuit board) for the user to get rid of it. Anyone had any communication with Canon about this and the...
Welcome to the bandwagon
Quote: Originally Posted by Escamillo And you are "entirely objective" right? I recall your "I dislike (or hate, whatever) Microsoft" statement, which might cause you to play up the benefits of tech that's included in PS3, including BR and 1080p output (which, let's face it, is useless to 99.999% of the populace). My next HDTV purchace will be able to do 1080P. (By the time I'm ready to buy one the price will come down). Good to know there are...
Quote: Originally Posted by R11 I didn't see EP I, but I did watch EP II last night and I have to say that FOX definitely needs to up the bandwidth. For a 720P presentation to show pixelation like that is completely unforgivable. Most of the fight scenes were marred and the low light scenes looked terrible due to the increased "noise". And it's not like there were 5 football games going on at the same time either. Pretty poor IMO. The sound was great...
Ok. Seem like it had different output options for different screen formats as well. But I'm not into all that engineer stuff.
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