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Just a thought... There is a program I want to see coming on at the same time on two diffrent channels. Channel 14 is in HD at full OTA bandwith but with commercials. Channel 16 is in HD compressed way down but with no Commercials. This is just me but I think I can sit thru some commercials. Broadcasters take advantage of you OTA spectrem.
Well. If it was in the Everquest world I could cast a spell to stop the rain. My friend in my office is suppost to get HDTV cable set top box today. I wrote him a note "Welcome to HDTV. Hope it's not HDLite". He reads this thread so lets all welcome him. Maybe talk him in to setting up a account.
Thanks guys. Did'nt know you could run them that far.
I am thinking real hard about putting a projector in my computer/entertainment room. My PC desk is in the corner against the wall and on the other side of the wall is my living room. All my cables for Sat. Cable, OTA run into that wall. I have a nice empty spot on the computer room side I can project on. Now I would like to hang a projector from the ceiling. Problem is I would need to also run a VGA and/or Componet cable up the wall to the projector. How far can these...
I have this very nice Picture I took. It's 6 megpix. but I also have my vacation Pics I want to show you. Because my E-mail program only allows me to send so much data at one time I'm going to down grade my 6 megpix photo down to 3 megpix so I can also send the same photo again downgraded to 1 megpix and also send you my vacation photos.
Quote: Originally posted by barth2k the problem with ep I & II wasn't that they were "light". The problem was wooden acting, laughable dialogue, and a convoluted political plot only die hard fan boys could give a rat's ass about. They're the opposite of the best SW (ESB) which has a simple surface plot but rich themes and undercurrents. It was also not written and directed by Lucas. I don't have much hope for ep III. The cartoons were better...
Quote: Originally posted by Alan Gordon True, in fact, it seemed to not only have any "cutesy" elements in it, but looked to be a rather dark film... maybe darker than the other five films. ~Alan A guy in my office said he read that this one will be rated PG13 and not just PG because of the dark nature. And Lucas does not want to change it to make it regular PG.
I have stars superpack. I'll press 520 and see what happens. hehe
Is that a first? Trailer for a Trailer they have been showing all week.
For me ABC has been doing a good job with their HD movies and shows. Fox is also had some good stuff. I dont know about what they are planing on showing in the future tho. Might check their web site. or this one http://www.titantv.com/ttv/home/HDTVUpdate.aspx
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