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Yeh. I could'nt get Fox Monday and yesterday there was a drop in signal strenth from what I nomaly get from them (pretty low to begen with) on my HTPC card. I still cannot get them on my Directv receiver but I think it's busted on channel 16.
Quote: Originally posted by optivity That would have to be the 3rd copy, and unfortunately for you... she hasn't appeared yet!:( I'd take any copy. Give me one of those robot bodys from Futurama so I can download her from the internet.
Quote: Originally posted by optivity Right, we know there are at least (2) copies of Boomer. She's definitely a Cylon. The only question now is can we get at least (1) copy to come over to our side? And (1) copy to come over to my house.
I loved the space battles. As long as they dont use the same shots like they did in the first one over and over.
Quote: Originally posted by rickypicky Boomer is a Cylon? I must have missed that part. Last two seconds of part 2. I think she will over come that with the support of her boyfriend. They put to much into her character.
Nice. Bring on more. I missed the first 15-20 min but I'm sure they will show it again. Is this picking up after the first TV show or remaking it? Oh, Where's the mechanical dog? hehehe.
[quote]Originally posted by Jedi_Master_Wind [b]At some point parents have to BE parents. Please don't ask for more censorship from the FCC or MPAA then we already have now. The conservative right wing already has to much controll. What are they controlling? If someone wants porn cant they get it? If they want violence cant they get it? Do you want a free OTA channel of this? I watch all the above but dont see how people think there is some kind of Right Wing...
I have one cable because my D-VHS was in another room from my PC. I ended up just running the 15 foot (Thru wall jack). I also have the little hub you can buy. Never had any problems with it. Just really did'nt need it after running thru the wall. I will tell you to get the best sheilded cables you can buy. No cheep ones anywhere in chain...
quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here in L.A. there is no HD for Enterprise on UPN. However I have taped and saved every episode of Enterprise (VHS EP). (I have every episode of every Star Trek on tape). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally posted by Rutgar It simply amazes me that so many large markets still aren't showing...
Universal HD is climbing to the top of my list.
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