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All the talk about more space on the disk and then using MPEG 4 as standard or what ever. With all this extra space why compress?
Quote: Originally posted by shadowbox Better than Waterworld? :p Never saw it. Sorry
Quote: Wasn't she like 12 in that movie??? Ahhh. More like 17 And I was like 20 then to. But I wont deny I'm a perv. Quote: I mentioned this in another thread. I was surprised by how good it looked. But not surprised by how bad the movie is. link if for ya http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=506006 It was a pretty good movie at the time. I still like it. Back when all the Excalibur type movies came out...
I love all of them. And Adult Swim. And I'm older than dirt.
I was playing my computer game while this was on but from what I saw it looked like a pretty good transfer. Anyone else watch this? (I always thought Olivia d'Abo was soooo hot. heheh)
Quote: Originally posted by Donb01 You folks also have to take one more thing into consideration.... Comparing the DVD verion to the OTA HD Version. It is probably pretty useless to compare the currently sucky bitrate that D* is allocating to the HD channels to a DVD. The HD may be better, but you can't really tell how much unless you compare it to HD with the faucet held wide open. I would assume the OTA version may be at a higher bitrate than D*...
Sorry. I had to stop watching for all the RAP. IT was funny at first but now its just sad. These guys cant even sing. Guess I'm just to old to get it. MTV - Let us mold your mind shows MTVRAP- Nothing but RAP MTVPOP- Nothing but POP MTVROCK- Nothing but ROCK MTVRETRO- 80-2000 (Maybe break that up as well) VH1 FUSE VH1 Classics I might watch MTVROCK or fuse. in HD
What's up with Bikini Destinations? It use to show girls in Bikini's. Now all it does is show drunk people.
I have the JVC DVHS desk. And I love it. If anything it's a nice tool for working those firewire ports and PC. I think now they have built in OTA tuners.
Guess not
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