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Everybody indicates that that they can watch unencrypted/local HD channels when the TV has a QAM tuner. I wish this were true for Comcast-Chicago. Unfortunately, for Comcast-Chicago ALL HD channels are above channel 125, which is the highest channel most QAM tuners go to. Any comments/wisdom?
I took the most straightforward approach: I returned the PC to Costco (they have a 90 day return policy for PCs) and rented an additional dual tuner HDTV DVR. My rationale: - Media Center with Cable Card is an expensive (about $500 for 1 tuner, about $800 for 2 tuners) add-on to a Vista computer (graphics cards and digital cable tuner). At $12/month for an additional dual tuner HDTV DVR I will not break even during the useful lifetime of the PC. - flaky/immature...
Idea: why can't the Vista PC with DCT be my primary outlet (free cable card)? The Comcast DVR is $12/month period i.e., without an "additional outlet" fee, right? Alternate idea: if I tell them that the Vista PC with DCT is on the same outlet as the Comcast DVR (just using a different input of the TV), would this meet their definition of a free Cable Card? And if it does, then what if later I move the PC to another outlet/TV?
Good news: finally Comcast confirmed that they support Digital Cable Tuner with Cable Card and agreed to schedule a “knowledgeable” technician to install. Bad news: they now want to charge $5.99/month for the card, even though they say “There is no charge for the first CableCARD“ on their website (at http://www.comcast.net/help/faq/inde...etupVista18826 ). They claim that the first cable card is free only if one has no equipment from Comcast. Since I have a Comcast DVR...
This is very encouraging - congrats! Once you get it working, plus the previous successful activation in River Forest #811 above, should give me (and all others struggling with Comcast "support") strong ammunition for escalation. Also, please post what troubleshooting steps were needed to get it working.
I had the same experience with the order process (I even mentioned Vista computer because it was referenced on Comcast web site). I am keeping the fingers crossed that your install experience will be totally different than mine :-)
Did you guys see this http://www.maximumpc.com/article/ocur?page=1%2C0? I don't know if to cry from laughter or despair!
What a disappointment! So I got my shiny new HP Vista Computer with Cable Card only to have the Comcast tech unable to activate the cable card. What's worse is that he was presumably told by his supervisor that Comcast doesn't support Cable Card for PCs (but only for TVs and Tivo S3). This is contrary to what Comcast says on its own web site (below). My question: are there any Comcast users in Chicago area that have activated successfully a cable card with a Vista...
Quote from “Samsung 1080p Owner's Thread --- HLSxx87W/HLSxx88W DLP Models” post #17481 and several others Pincushion, although partly attributable to the DLP design, may be extreme in these models. It has been hypothesized that the thin bezel and flimsy screen result in bowing during transport and handling (especially it you move the set by holding onto the bezel). Of course holding on to the bezel is the only way to move it given the shape of the cabinet. My set did...
The wood top of TR71B stand is bowing a little. I didn't take out the base of the TV - I assume that this would solve the problem. 1. Is this normal? Have others experienced this? 2. RockStrongo - you mention having the arms reversed. Can you clarify? I cannot imagine how one can reverse the arms!
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