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Emailed to Jason. I am also in on this unbelievable deal!
I had to call Pioneer Tech support yesterday to figure out why it was not powering up. Never thoght of the powerswitch in the back. My PDP-5020FD from 6th Ave is nicely breaking-in .
From the review: As you can no doubt tell by now, I'm very impressed with the Vizio VP505XVT. I rarely wax rhapsodic, but this is the flat-out best flat-panel value I've ever seen. Its detail is superb, its color is excellent despite what the measurements say, its shadow detail is great, and its blacks are as good as anything in its class. It offers a simple, straightforward user interface, and it calibrates very well. What more could you possibly want for $1500?...
The problem is Newegg is not an authorised Pioneer seller - at least Newegg is not on the list earlier posted in this thread.
What about HQV?
How come the article does not mention HQV?
Please see the Cine4Home: Zooming with PT-AE 3000 is better than utilizing Anamorphic Lens thread in this group.
which one? Will a daring person open and find out? The version of the sigma makes a difference.
Any idea which media processor it uses?
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