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I am a silver premier member. I do not see where I can pick up the remote for $199. Did you get an email, is it online. Just picked up one of these for full price, would love to get it for the discount.Thanks!Norm
Square, Are the activity icons up yet? Looked but did not see anything. Also, how do you change them. Not seeing it on myharmony website.
I can hear my 55 buzz when it is muted and a bright screen comes on. We sit 9 feet away. Going to keep mine I do not hear anything during normal viewing. Did the slides and currently using DNice's settings. Have not had a chance to calibrate it with calman. Satisfied with the picture for the moment. When I get some spare time to do the calibration I will. Can anyone recommend a universal remote. Currently have a URC Mx-500 that I need to replace with a touch screen...
Yes, as far as I know. I'll give it another go tonight. Good to know that it works in the 2011 sets.
Yes I did read that. I tried to watch it right on CBS's website. I was told that I need flash installed first. I could not get flash installed. When I clicked on the install link that is when I got the error. Not even sure which browser Panasonic is using or if flash can be installed.
I have a question on the web browser. I tried to watch survivor ponderosa on my ST50. Did a google search, went to the website and was told that I need adobe flash to watch the episodes. Tried to install flash and I get a (006) error. Connection test was successful, updated the software & set the clock but still cannot watch the episodes. Any suggestions. Tried again last night same exact issue. (006) Lightbulb: Do I need a Viera account? I do not have one. Could that...
Does the vt50 have a matte screen? Saw the st and did not like how reflective the screen was. Anybody remember from CES?
It's painful to watch now but I can live with it. Left side of the screen is beautiful right side is a mess. Nearby BB stores do not have a vt30 or 929 in stock.
Ok, so I go the green blob on my 2005 XBR just before superbowl weekend and I need to replace it. Current thinking is a 55" VT50 or XBR HX929. Want to hold out for the VT50 but might not be able to due to the blob and I can use Calman autocal for calibration. If, I have to buy now would it be a VT30 or HX929? Been out of the TV market for a bit. Thanks! Norm
Serial, I have a quick ? on your WB settings. For the bias numbers those are suppose to be negative correct? I just got this set and will be going through the settings again to make sure I did not miss anything. I saw for the bias that you can positive and negative.
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