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Brought a LG 47LH30 several years ago because of it low input lag. Just curious as to whether the new 2013 models have improved and whether they would best the LG LH30?
Looking to replace a Marantz AV7005 and Rotel 1075 amp with an Onkyo 818 in order to get MultiXT32. Marantz just has MultiXt. Was wondering whether the Onkyo 818 will be able to power my front 3 NHT L5 speakers (85db/6 ohm rating) and back two surround speakers. Room is roughly 15" by 25" by 7". Any thoughts greatly appreciated on the AMP section of this receiver with regards to driving lower sensitivity speakers..
Its a Rotel 1068 surround preamp driving a Rotel 1075 amplifier. On certain compressed music streams from Rhapsody I max out the volume on the preamp. Raising the gain allows greater volume/loudness, however, don't want to take any unnecessary risks. Strangely my NAD receiver had a lower wattage rating yet appeared to play louder....not sure why.
Anything wrong or dangerous by maximizing amplifier gain using test tones in order to enable higher volume levels? Basically Max/+10 all channels. Any risk of over-driving the AMP?
I have a front projector in my theater that doesnt have HDMI. Is it possible to use component to the projector from my AVR and still receive the HD audio by connecting an HDMI cable from my Blu-Ray and Satelite receiver to my AVR. In effect I would be using component for video and HDMI for audio simultaneously.
Anyone try the new NHT subs B-10d or B-12d. Thinking of replacing my U2 system to free up some rack space and was wondering whether it would be a backwards, lateral, or step up in quality. Thanks
I've had Pass Labs, NAD, PS Audio amps in my system, and I cannot distinguish between my $300 Crown Amp.
I'm thinking I can eliminate my external crossover and associated sub amps and use the crossover on the xls. Would save some space, cabling, etc
Just purchased a crown xls1000 (the smallest crown xls model) class D amp for my home theater/stereo. Got it new for $299. Puts out 215w@8 ohms and 350w@4ohm, weighs 8 lbs, runs quiet and cool, and sounds fantastic. Using it to drive some very nice Selah audio towers. Great bargain!!!
If you scroll down in the link below, you will see that Onkyo receivers/preamps have plenty of voltage output Pre-out level at Recievers Balanced: 1V/235 Ohm, Max output: 11.0 Vrms Unbalanced: 1V/470 Ohm, Max output: 5.5 Vrms http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...voltage-4.html
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