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Hakemon , I am having similar issues with my transmit power being high and causing random disconnects. I was wondering if you contacted BH and if so, what did they tell you? Today especially, I have had my modem cycle through the following stages... Ranging complete Not Synchronized Upstream Parameters Acquired Operational Thanks!!
Just started this morning but my cable in cutting in and out when connected over HDMI directly to my TV. I was going through my receiver but when I do that, I get nothing on my TV. I know there is a diagnostics screen I can popup to see what may be wrong but I forgot the code. I have the Explorer 8300HD. Just wondering if it is my box that is about to die or my cable is dorked up. Oh, I am in West Melbourne... Thanks! Chris
If I do add an external hard drive, are there any limitations? I thought I read a while ago it effected something (fast forwarding or dual recordings). Also, how much extra HD recording space do you get with your 1TB drive? Thanks!! Chris
What is the status of using a external hard drive with the 8300HD and the new software? I thought I remember reading there were some limitations. With the fall season starting up and most shows in HD, the 20 or so hours isn't much anymore. Thanks!
I am about to get the new Samsung 55" LED TV (8000 series). I now will need some HDMI cables to replace my component since a majority of the inputs are HDMI. I don't have any long runs so just normal 2-4 foot length cables would be good. One last opinion question. What, if any, type of power conditioning/UPS are people using for their TV's/DVRs/etc? Thanks!! Chris
Looks like CBS in other parts of the country are also having issues with cable companies. Topeka, Kansas CBS affiliate dumped from Cox http://www.engadgethd.com/2008/03/08...mped-from-cox/
I noticed today that ESPN(29) is looking overscaned vs. a channel like ESPN News. The scroll on the bottom of ESPN is half cut off where ESPN news looks fine. I have theh SA8300. I haven't messed with any of my TV settings either. Any ideas? One other thing I noticed is that my TV use to show when I went from the digital channels to the lower channels, like 1080i or 480i. I'm not seeing this anymore. Has BH changed the way they are sending the lower...
I got the HD-DVR hooked up today. I have the audio hooked up to my received using the optical connection. I am noticing a different in audio levels between the analog channels and the HD/digital channels. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks CW
Do all the channels go out the HDMI channel? I'm not to familar with the HDMI/DVI connections. My box is suppose to be installed tomorrow. Thanks Chris
They left a message I will call them back Friday. One quick question, will all the channels go out the DVI connection? Also, what types of digital outputs does it have? (coax or optical) Greg...thanks for all the support! Any idea if anyone else from BH Central FL will be watching this board? Thanks Chris
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