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Just got my latest update. Great software.
I agree, Plex on the Roku is not slick or sexy, but it is useful and, in the end, it's the content I'm interested in, the most. I also agree with you that the Sony G7 and G8 GoogleTV UI rival the Plex UI for the Mac. If the Sony G8 can give me the internet content I want, along with my personal content through Plex and I can connect my Tivo Roamio with it...I just might purchase one before Sony discontinues them. I'm going into this knowing full well that GoogleTV is not a...
But as Netflix expands their content (especially new and/or exclusive content), they will have to increase prices eventually, because the newer content costs more money. If they eventually become HBO they will have to charge more. In fact, they're going to have to raise prices at the rate they're going right now. Paying for good original content is expensive. I'm wondering how long they can keep going without raising prices.
I have a DuneHD Base and the 10Muse iPad app is VERY slick. I would've thought it would be very popular on this forum, but it doesn't seem to be. I like the Mede8er's Movie and TV jukebox interface, as well. Mede8er has been very good about updates and their boxes seem very stable. That being said, i think the retail personal media streamer market has been stagnant, or even shrunk, over the past few years and it may even be shrinking. There have been very few new products,...
I was never really concerned about Cinavia. I stopped copying discs, years ago. I just want to copy the digital file to my hard drive of my media player and/or media server to watch it. Like many on this thread, I've been doing this for a long time and I'm not going to stop. I purchased the disc and I'll watch the content the way I want to.
I expected this move, given the companies ties, but fragmentation is very consumer unfriendly. Ultimately, all of them are competing to be the big fish in a shrinking ocean. The sell-through market, digital or physical, is shrinking because the mainstream consumer is less and less interested in purchasing content.
I am. It's pretty good.
Great, more fragmentation in the video download market.
Thanks to iMagic and Consumer Reports for this insight into all the work involved in evaluating televisions displays. Very informative and exciting read. Ya know, I've read a few posts on this sight, over the years, implying that CR doesn't have the knowledge or equipment to evaluate television displays and that they're ratings, at least to them, were useless. I consider their opinions for televisions displays with almost as much consideration as I do for David...
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