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Thank you everyone for these great suggestions! I think most of my problems stem from the TV room in our new house. It has many hard surfaces that reflect sounds in all directions. On the advice of my brother's friend, I've already placed a thick carpet (a hallway runner) in right in front of the speakers, which helped. I've also treated the wall behind the TV and the side walls with sound foam that also helped. However, we're planning on moving sometime within the...
Searching for this topic, I found people interrupting other threads with this issue, so I wanted to dedicate a thread just to this: Why is the dialogue volume from my center channel so low? When watching a movie in DTS or DD from my Sony DVD player or watching something on my DirecTV H10 that's in 5.1 surround mix, the dialogue volume is really low. I've used a sound meter to calibrate my speakers with both Onkyo's test tone and Avia's DVD, so I know the center...
Yeah, I totally noticed this, too! If you look carefully and slow the scene down, the actress playing Alex gives a little smirk once her hands get up to Kate's armpits. My impression is that it happened so fast, she realizes at the last second how embarrassing it must have been.
Switching from Voom to D*, there was a significant downgrade in HD quality. Even though the content on the Voom channels weren't awesome, the clarity was. Maybe it's just me, but it seems as though the local channels (OTA) looked better with my old Voom receiver, too. Did anyone else notice the same issue?
Does anyone know where to find a schedule of the HD specials shown on Directv's Channel 98? I've checked TitanTv.com, but it doesn't specify anything. Thanks
1. Thanks everyone for the help on remote controls! My mail-ordered Harmony remote on it's way. 2. My 60vs810 was manufactured Sept '04 and has no green tint.
Has anyone had success with using a remote besides the one Hitachi supplies to change the input device? With Tivo and DirecTV remotes, I can activate and scroll down the input menu, but I can't seem to select a different input device once it's highlighted. Any suggestions? Jon
Deftones17, I went back in this thread, but I don't see the reference on how to get the LA FOX affiliate. Do you have DirectTV or are you picking it up using an OTA antennae? I'd love to have the LA channel, too! Jon
corrales_avs, I originally posted this thread before I signed up for Voom. Thanks to the replies above (especially Mary Ann) I went ahead with the install and I couldn't be happier with my service. My DVI connection works great. My Hitachi 60vs810 has a HDMI port, so I have a Monster DVI to HDMI cable connected. The installer warned me ahead of time that other people had problems with DVI to HDMI conversion switches, so I went with the cable instead. I have my...
Yeah, with the big wind storm on Thursday night (12/16), we lost the digital reception to NBC. My wife was upset that she couldn't watch the final episode of "The Apprentice". I had my Voom receiver rescan for OTA channels, but RF 36 wasn't coming in at all. However, the next morning, everything was working again and we haven't had any problems since. The other interesting thing is, even though every other channel was working that night, the Voom receiver was showing...
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