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I bought 3 large plasma TVs from Amazon in the last several years. A 58" Samsung PN58C6500, a 65" Panasonic 65ST50, and a 65" Panasonic 65VT60. All arrived in perfect condition with no damage. It's either luck or local shipping companies in certain areas are too careless.
I've had my 65VT60 for about 3 weeks now. I have about 260 hours on it and have zero issues. Coming from a 65ST50 it is about what I expected. Just about every aspect of the picture quality is better than the ST50 but not a huge improvement since the ST50 is a very nice display. I ran the slides for about 130 hours before watching any content. I find the d-nice night settings to look best and they are very close to the THX Cinema setting. It buzzes like I expect a...
It's better than most 2014 TVs since it is a Panasonic plasma. Other than a 2013 Panasonic plasma I don't think it is worth replacing an ST50 right now. Keep it and enjoy it until OLED or LED is improved to match plasma picture quality.
I won't even post a picture of my stand. It does the job but I would love something nicer. I was so close to buying a Standout Designs stand a couple year ago but couldn't pull the trigger. I spent too much money on TVs to buy a nice stand. Another problem is I'm sure my two kids will destroy any nice furniture I put in the house.
I feel for all of you with this pink banding issue. I had the pink banding on a PN58C6500 about a year and a half ago. Luckily thanks to a terrible service shop that missed repeated repair appointments Samsung gave me a pro-rated refund on my TV and took it away. I had a gut feeling there was some kind of flaw in these panels and I wanted this TV gone if at all possible, they first offered me a replacement 2011 model and I asked about the refund. I put the refund money...
I agree and realize people complain and return plasmas that have nothing wrong with them. This isn't my first plasma so I know for the most part what is normal and not. I was still worried it would be damaged even though I know it isn't very likely. I'm set now with a 65VT60 in the living room and a 65ST50 in the bedroom.
My 65VT60 from Amazon was delivered a couple hours ago. Everything went great the TV appears perfect. It was shipped by Pilot and delivered by a local freight company. There were two guys and they helped me put it on the stand and put it in another room. It is an October build and I can see the foam from the fan noise fix. The fans are super quiet, I didn't even know they were on until I put my ear up to them. Verified the set has 0 hours on it. Running slides now...
Exactly. Mine will be delivered tomorrow as well. Good luck.
I have a 65VT60 on the way from Amazon, delivery scheduled for Monday. Watching Amazon's remaining stock disappearing is seriously stressing me out. I'm afraid mine will have a problem requiring an exchange and there won't be any left. Guess I need to be more positive. It doesn't seem there are many common defects with these sets so I probably shouldn't worry. This is my third large plasma delivered from Amazon and the first two were fine with no issues. I bought a...
That has been my thought all day. I even ordered mine on Saturday but luckily got a price adjustment today. I've ordered two large plasmas from Amazon in the past and never had a problem but you never know.
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