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This is gonna be a hit drama, i enjoy the show very much. The IQ sucks however, and exhibits strong green push.
Thanks for support, I have yet to make it to the shop to check out the cracked board, i talked to my dealer and he wouldn't be able to help since the crooked Integra already rejected my claim. He mentioned they don't treat the dealer any better than customer, not sure how much truth is that. But if i still have faith in Integra, he will get me a huge discount on 80.1 to compensate for my misfortune.No, it was my first time to send this unit for repairing.The thing with...
Yap, Crazy is right. This is so full of shxt. I'm still in total shock and felt being cheated by Integra BS warranty. The unit is like brand new, no a single scratch or physical damages on the surface, which makes sense if i were to drop it and some parts were damaged right? No that wasn't the case... Customer relation called back and told me - sorry, that's nothing they can do, if the part is cracked, i am paying for it.... He is not interested in logic.
Just got a call from the technician, there are more issues on my unit on whatever the audio parts that's causing the problem. Something about part of the PCM board was cracked, that's physical damage and not covered under warranty. Seriously, my unit looked brand new minus the dust, and now i'm looking to pay for cracked part. Customer service can't deal with that, now i have to talk to Integra customer relation department about this BS warranty.
Right, the unit featured oversized toroidal transformer for the main power supply, along with separate transformer for audio / video circuitry if i'm not wrong. So it could be just the audio transformer that went bad. We will need redshift1's tech to confirm that.
Just talked the shop, current onkyo/integra repairs are backlogged, mine is still on the shelf waiting to be examined. I passed along the possible defective transformer note to him... but let's face it, the unit is powered on ok, just the sound is gone, it's a hard to sell to the tech if the transformer is out. I'm looking at 6 weeks...
Hi Larry, i remember just turned the prepro off and on again with my remote control. It didn't bothered me back then because it came back on in 20-30 seconds, and i didn't have to get up. When it was dead, hard or soft reset did nothing.
Regarding the audio issue, there's definitely a bug and not user error or dirty contacts. 9.8 is known to exhibit losing audio occasionally but a quick reboot usually bring it back to life. The entire unit from digital, analog, test tone to tuner are out on all channels when that happened; except hdmi audio pass though to external display or source.I have handful of experiences from the last couple years but mine eventually went death few weeks ago, and i have confirmed...
Which Denon AVR are you planning to get? I'm testing the 3310CI currently , use it as a prepro, not impressive feature wise; and their UI and remote are garbage. However, but no popping and clicking noises, virtually distortion free as oppose to the 9.8.Nice! need to check with mine next week.
Roger, my 9.8 is presently at the shop as well, and i 'm thinking of upgrading to 80.1. How you like the new video processor feature? So i was told the picture setting can be applied individually on each inputs source, that is correct? When upcoverting, does it stutter at 1080 24hz setting on panning scenes? Most importantly, does it yield better PQ than 9.8? on 9.8, i have to turn it off, it's simply not working right for me. BTW, this unit can self-upgrade firmware via...
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