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Search should pull out several of the same question and answer....otherwise read manual how to do custom gamma.If i recall... try Menu>image>gamma>custom>select 2.4>select W>raise the IRE5 (first point by 5). AND don't forget to SAVE
Is that even possible? we are taking about a fat line of vertical banding and at one side only while picture looks fine across the whole panel.
Thinking about it, you can use it in low fan mode, yields lower fan noise and don't forget the lumen drop offs in use. You are likely to see 15-20% lumen drop after the first 200 hours. 106-inch with 2.0 gain screen in a bat cave, it's bright enough for me (migraine, pity me) but not excessive.
No worries there, just typical remark wanting a better one, mainly the upcoming next gen JVC-RS will be equipped with 120Hz core panels. What do you think of your Ax100 for gaming and sport? Rs10 should be on par if not better than your panny.
http://www.projectorreviews.com/vivi...80fd/index.php If that happen again, i guess you can browse it over index page.
Min Throw or Max zoom -- highest lumen, lowest contrast Max Throw or Min zoom -- lowest lumen, highest contrast Going by cine4home measurement Min Throw - 661 lumen : 19,200 contrast Max Throw - 473 lumen : 30,900 contrast So, make your decision there what you need most; otherwise mount it in the middle? Lens shift affects image sharpness the most, there are users complaint of corner blur with excessive lens shift.
ColorHCFR. The custom gamma works really well. I didn't much time to get a better graph, here's the first hour work.
Got the B-stock RS2 last week, lamp hour shows 0 but who knows if JVC reset it as there's no way to tell since the service menu won't show lamp usage. On the other hand, it could be a brand new unit. Let just say it has plenty of lumen, i got migraine headache the next morning, and now I am thinking of a ND filter. This Pj is easily calibrated to D65 flat and i don't find the over-saturated color a total turn-off except the whining fan as the unit is barely 3-feet away. At...
Just watched it last night. PQ is average, daylight toner all the way, not much to say. This movie is extremely draggy, felt like the same scenes in long conversation repeated over and over again....it filmed like documentary style, pretty good camera works though. Actually i FF some of the scenes at some point...guilty.
Well, inverted or non, i can't utilize the mechanical shift if the height of the projector is at the center of the screen. Raising the shelf is much needed at this point. I'll be waiting patiently for final spec, weight and unit's length, if that's one to get.
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