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The availability of Lens shift would convince me to switch, finally...Now, if i were to shelf-mount the unit, it should be opposite right? The top of the image now can be as high as 16.2" above the center of the lens or as low as 2.7" below the center of the lens.
13 episodes gone fast, finished Season II in 2 nights and man... i can't wait for Season III airing in next month. I might even considering watching it in standard version since my cable carrier doesn't carry AMC in HD.
Amazon UK's pricing looks like a bargain, for most of the asian blu-ray in comparison to Yes asia. I might want to order few more titles. The Gomorrah blu-ray is $9.98 Question, Does anyone know how much the shipping cost from UK amazon to US ? I don't see this mention in FAQ nor somewhere in checkout steps. Thanks [nevermind : found it http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/cust...deId=11072991]
Received all 3 discs from blockbuster in the mail, it's gonna be a good weekend.
Brilliant Blu-ray PQ and SQ but movie chokes. Got the first copy but didn't bother for the sequel.
Also mentioned is the JVC pioneering the combo drive at first, BD25/DVD9 back in 2005. It've been a while since the Format war, couldn't remember why BDA didn't adopt the combo disc format to rival HD-DVD?
http://digg.com/hardware/World_s_fir...title_released Single layer BD, dual layer dvd. Unfortunately it's a Japanese soup opera
Lower Res. Epson C2Fine D7 Panels Talk about 4000 luminance, twice as much compare to ax200. Only in Widescreen 1280x800 version tho. but could easily crop out for 720P right?
I fastforward anything has to do with government conspiracy, this shiet is getting too darn old for 24. Trust me, u won't miss a thing,
It's just me or this movie reminds me of the 80s cheesy HK i used to love when i was a kid? Seriously, there are more than handful of scenes like that, that includes most of the fighting, dialogs, acting, and....well, pretty much the whole movie. John Who? is no Zhang Yimou. If it weren't for the hype, big budget, casts and 35 bucks invested into this movie, i would shut it off 15 minutes into the movie. What a blow! i was really looking forward into this...
New Posts  All Forums: