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Apparently Dish also is providing KRMA in HD. I watch my OTA HD, so I don't know how long ago they added KRMA in HD. Now if they would just give me the local ION outlet (Channel 59.0) in HD I'd really be a happy camper as KPXC is on the backside of my antenna azimuth and I seldom can pull in a signal from them.
It is most likely the color wheel as the fan typically runs for a while after the power is turned off to the TV. The color wheel OTOH, spins down rapidly when the power is turned off.
Your problem sounds more like a STB problem than a problem with the Sammy. Most STBs simply pass all content at a pre-selected resolution in the STB menu. Your Sammy displays all input at 720p. If it gets a 1080i input, it converts it to 720p for display. Take a look at your STB's setup menu before you mess with the Sammy.
Since 90% of our viewing is off the Dish HD-DVR, I've only seen the audio switch problem occur when watching something from Dish via HDMI.
Personally, if it were me, I'd write down all of my current settings and then implement the factory reset. If the factory reset doesn't eliminate the problem, get back with Sony. If the factory reset does eliminate the problem, then slowly implement your prior setup settings; ensuring with each change that the problem doesn't return.
Will, I noticed in the Amazon reviews of your BD player at least one complaint about "graininess" (sounded like your edge enhancement description). The reviewer minimized the BD player's Sharpness setting to eliminate the problem. However, the reviewer commented that doing so "softened" the 1080p HD PQ on his HDTV. The reviewer sounded very technically knowledgeable, so I think you and he may have just stumbled upon a basic design flaw with your BD player. Perhaps LG...
Years ago, the early up-scaling HD-DVD players commonly had chips that introduced a lot of edge enhancement to achieve their up-scaled affect. I'd be surprised if a BD player would introduce edge-enhancement to a BD disc, but I guess anything is possible. Have you checked all the on-line reviews of that BD player to see if there are any comments regarding the introduction of edge enhancement on BD discs? While you have apparently tuned-out the edge enhancement, one...
Football season and the US Open remind me of the extraordinarily clear and sharp HD picture I can receive with my 52Z5100 (purchased 5/30/09). For games I really want to see at the best possible HD PQ, I switch to the on-board OTA tuner (obviously not an option for those ESPN games). Otherwise, my Dish HD-DVR does almost as good with its OTA tuner. Too bad I'm going to have to endure another disaster season with the Broncos as our Napoleon-like coach goes about...
I think I am probably the first, or one of the first, on this thread to use the digital optical out from the Z5100 for audio feed through from a DBS receiver connected to the Sony via HDMI. Since my A/V receiver that receives the audio from the Z5100 automatically displays the the type of signal it is receiving, I can assure you that the Z5100 passes the DD 5.1 from my Dish Network receiver to my A/V receiver as a DD 5.1 signal and I get discrete center channel,...
New Posts  All Forums: