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Up for sale is a Samsung PN50C7000 Super Thin Plasma 3D TV.It has developed a black horizontal line across the middle of the screen..Annoying at worst.I don't have the desire to repair what may be the Y buffer board which is found cheaply on ebay. This set was also updated to the C8000 firmware which gives it added picture options.I also have a pair of active Samsung 3D glasses to go with it and the chrome 8000 series remote control.This is for local pickup in Palm...
Tagged because my Samsung PN50C7000 just got a black horizontal line smack dab in the middle of the screen. Contemplating the 60 or 65 inch Vizio.
Interested in a trade for Nemo?? http://www.avsforum.com/t/1467034/fs-bluray-box-sets
All like new watched once with all digital codes(if applicable).. X Men Quadrilogy.. 1,2,3 and Origins Wolverine $27 Shipped Fast and Furious Blu Ray Five Movie Collection 1-5 Complete Box Set .Case tabs broken on inside... $35 Shipped Bourne Trilogy Box Set... $28 Shipped Expendables 1 and 2..$27 Shipped Killing them Softly... $12 Shipped Gangster Squad... $16 Shipped Jack Reacher... $18 Shipped Apocalypse Now 3-Disc Set, Full Disclosure; With Collectible...
Just got mine a couple of weeks ago. Loving it more everyday as I'm getting it dialed in. You won't be disappointed.
Is there a big difference between mid and high damping? I ran Audyssey on low and switched to high. Very happy with the sound now. Just wondering if this setting should be used as minimum as possible.
Thanks for the heads up on that. Just got off the phone with Denon and they confirmed that the upgrade is free now. Said mine should be ready to update in a few days. 3808CI by the way.
Glad Im not the only one...What gives??Id assume its because that is suppose to be around 7 hz and the FV15HP doesnt go that low?? I did do that when I first got my FV15HP a few days ago with one port open.I have since gone to 2 ports open and had an ear to ear smile during the "train Wreck underground" scene in Skyfall..Will revisit BHD also.
New Posts  All Forums: