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Maybe I wasn't clear. I want to capture to my computer my old VHS, Hi8 and MiniDV tapes. When I do this, if I am given a chioce of different formats to "save as" which would be best or which should I choose?Also are there any free or inexpensive programs to do this. I am not going to edit at all. Just want to get these movies on my computer in digital format.
Does it make a difference what format is used to save movies (AVI, MPEG, MPEG 4 or others) you are transferring (Hi8, MiniDV & VHS) to from the camera to the computer? Thank you
I apologize because I didn't know where to post this. Can anyone recommend wireless headphones that I can use with my Samsung D7000. I need to be able to use 2 or 3 sets at the same time. Thanks
Thank you Ronomy, Chevypower and sabatical for participating and giving me valuable information to consider. I appreciate you for that. I can't believe out of all the people on here no one else participated or had anything else to share.
Is there a way of using wireless headphones with this TV? If so can someone also recommend some that are not very expensive please. Thanks
Thanks guys, I'll have to start checking ebay and other places for a camera with the AV-DV conversion along with Analog Pass Thru. I appreciate the advice. Until then I will start with my minidv tapes for which I still have my Sony TRV38
Thanks Chevy. Now what if I have VHS tapes to do too. Financially does it make sense to still get a digital8 camera and something else for the VHS?
Thanks. I was wondering if I captured right from the camera to the computer (via some sort of analog to digital box) or bought an old camera that played hi8 & digital 8 and captured via firewire, if the quality would be better. I am not sure what the settings were on my recorder when I did this. I just recorded to my panny recorder and then burned a DVD.
Which (if any) will give a better picture quality? 1) Recording Hi8 tapes to a recorder (using S-video cable) with a hard drive(Panny DMR-EH75), burning a DVD from the recorder, then copying onto the computer. 2) Getting some type of analog to digital device to transfer direct from the camera to the computer? Thank you
As far as getting the best or one of the best quality video when encoding from MTS to another format. When using Freemake and I choose to convert to MPG4 if I choose the option "same as source" am I getting the best quality I can?
New Posts  All Forums: