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Some people ask merely to see how far off factory settings are. This was the first jvc I've owned (4th total) that I was generally pleased with color saturation right out of the box.
Has anyone calibrated their display yet using the CMS? Just curious how accurate it was along with how far off were the colors to begin with?
When I was at the JVC booth at CEDIA the guy I spoke to DID say the 40 had a CMS. He must have been given the wrong info too. Is anyone really 100% sure it doesn't have a CMS?
If that's the goal and multiroom independent viewing isn't important then buy a 400 disc changer.
The only point I could see as benefitial is if two or three people in a home want to watch the new disc in their own independent rooms and be able to pause/play it without affecting the other two people. This special circumstance is rare at best so I agree....What's the point???
If so, perhaps you should box it up and throw it around again then maybe the dirt will go back where it came from Or you could take the easy way out and return it for another
I thought the review was fairly generous. I mean, now a days, who really says something like "with it's massive 2,000:1 contrast ratio"
bummer, maybe I'll check back in a year or two when I upgrade to the next projector.
I am wanting to purchase the Prismasonic motorized lens and dive into 2.35. The problem is there isn't a good resource for looking up info especially when you are using a projector with a recessed lens. I just don't know where to look for info to make sure it is a good fit for my setup. I currently have an HD750 and a 100" screen with a 12' throw. Does anybody know the minimum throw you can use on this setup? If I go 2.35 I'll stay with the same height in my next...
Check your PM. I sent you a link to a PDF for your projector/hole placement
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