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Jriver is a great piece of software. There are quite a few options to EQ full range if you don't have a HTPC as well.
No mine is metal, There is a pic of it a page or 2 back.
i've got around 4 os's up top and over 7 down under 20hz, without the 215 lol
lol, There can never be too much..... NEVER!!!
Im not saying its bad but it is different. I also dont have the OS and but I have had 4 different horns and all had similar type of sound. horns are harder to intergrate into a music system, at least in my experience. Thats not to say it cant be done and cant wound just as good but maybe in Robs case, thats all it was vs what he's liking so much in his new system.BTW 3 OS's???? good lord lord lol
Well, I'll surely be keeping all my subs to go along with my 215's. I do tend to think Rob may have just not been a huge fan of the OS'd with music because of them being horns. I can't say I'm a huge fan of my G-horns with music either, I much prefer my sealed subs. They do indeed have a different sound than sealed or ported. Horns In my experience tend to have a throaty bass, more violent.... is a good description I think. I wanted the 215's for late night viewing to not...
Interesting. Im looking forward to being able to run no big subs late at night when the kid is sleeping. Im excited!!!!
It's the 120v. The unit won't power at all. I've already tested it and it's packed up and going back for a refund. My FP14's are still going strong. I swapped power boards on the one of the 4 that was having issues and it's working fine. I've now working on the other powerboard to see if I can salvage it. So far it's looking good. It also had 3 leaking/cracked caps!Just a run of bad luck and proof that none of them gets tested before shipping lol. They are still a great...
Ha, well my "second replacement" 10Q showed up on this morning and it's dead as well! urgh, looks like we both had awesome times lol.
I look at those inserts and all I can see is one spinning and a huge PITA lol. You could get away with 2 x 7500's if you want, wire 2 subs up for 2 ohms and go nuts.
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