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They repaired my 5007 back in July. I went straight to Onkyo when I did it.
I don't use the auto switch. Using the RS232 control one button on my Harmony will pull up any of the saved lenses memories. I just push the button for the aspect ratio I want and it loads it, no going into menus.
You want to do this. It Is the way this projector should have been set-up from the start. Direct one button push to most things. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1206105/panny-pt-ae4000u-over-rs232
All the digital masking does is tell the projector to project black, or as black as it can. It doesn't actually block the light path. This can be helpful if you want to display 2.35 at 2.40 for instance, lets you crop the top and bottom of movie. Same if you wanted to show 1.85 at 1.78, you can crop the sides.Yes the only difference is the power zoom. Which is huge to me, you can sit in your chair and hit one button on the remote to zoom out o 2.35 or what ever size you...
It projects above and below screen. assuming you have a half way dark wall around your screen you will no see the black bars above and below the screen.
I uses this Total Media Theater
Got it, that will not do me any good then. Looks like a good idea, just not for me.
I gotta ask because my experience with extenders and such is none. I have my HTPC running to 3 different displays by way of a splitter. On each TV we use WMC for watching Movies, TV Series, and to browse pictures and Music. It really all works fine other then only one room can use the HTPC at a time. This Chromecast thing, that plugs into a HDMI port I am guessing? What kind of downgrade in picture quality am I going to see when watching say a BluRay on a 46" LCD? My...
If you are watching these files from your computer then I am guessing that the computer is hooked to the projector. Why not just put a BluRay drive in your computer and play them from their. Unless the graphics card is not up to the task, which could also be a reason the problems you are seeing.
I agree 100%
New Posts  All Forums: