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Huge sigh of relief. *Thanks*.
uggg...My antenna in my attic has been fine for years. Over the last few months one by one channels would degrade. Until I replaced my cable run over the weekend. no problems...or so I thought. All of the channels are back with good signal. I live north of Springfield in Athens. My channels are now coming in EXCEPT 55-1, 55-2 will not. I have even rotated my antenna. No help. Is Fox WRSP 55.x OTA out of commission right now??? I am hoping "yes" Thanks
*thanks*This truly has been driving me crazy. I switched everything around and now for OTA using an Homerun instead of Avermedia (which I blamed the problem on) and I still had the same issues. I could display 17-1 just fine under the QuickTV app but nothing in WMC. The root of the issue is WMC does not make it easy to edit your OTA source. I did find this thread herehttp://www.silicondust.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=15347 which helped me decipher how to fix it. ...
Great Info. Well I have one feed into my PC from my OTA. WMC doesn't make it easy to swap another tuner in without resetting it .... ARGGGg...My QAM is fed to my TV and a Homerun.I am just north of Springfield about 15 miles. This info about a Jville tower is very interesting.Thanks a bunch
Anyone in the area have any issues with WAND? About 18 months ago I started getting intermittant "channel not found" when tuning to 17-1 or 17-2 and about 6 months ago it has been totally out. I am using an Avermedia dual tuner card PC card under Wwindows Media Center 7 feed coming in from a 4-bay antenna in my attic. When I go into setup and scan for channels I see 17-1 and 17-2 shows up as full bars signal 90-100% I just can't tune to it. All other channels like 20.x...
Thanks Kelley....I am using HDMI. I think more and more that my TV is going out....
I have had the EP350 for about 3 weeks now. Has anyone noticed that everything played thru it is a little dark. I am coming from a WDTV Live Plus that seemed fine but on this EP350 in dark scenes it looks horrendous. I will say on the old Asus O!Play streamer I had I was forced to modify settings also. When playing things through my XBOX (Media Center) all content looks fine. Maybe it is my TV (an ancient RPTV Hitachi 57S500) and this streamer??? Anyone seen this???
I have a with a Yamaha 867 receiver with issues logging into Sirius as others. I just verified....All other NET inputs are working as expected except Sirius.
Der duhhhhh...thanks a bunch.
I just ordered an EP350 .....Jack or anybody is there a code in the Logitech database that I can use that is close to this media player???? This player is not uncommon. I am a little surprised. Thanks
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