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84 : 16
61:39 Blu-ray finishes the year out just as consistent as it started.
I will RUSH to make my prediction this week. 67 : 33
Blu 64 : 36
BackQuack, Did you send this to swithey? swithey, Did you get this? I see its not on FTP yet. Victor-eyd, How's #27 comin' along?
It won't be long(some already doing it) before people will buy the Blu-ray for their big screen and then make a fair use 480P DVD-R back-up for use on those smaller screens where you can't resolve high resolution anyway. Blank DVD-R's are less than $0.25/each.
Pretty much dead-balls-on with your take on the situation. Stores ads are nothing but marketing spots that companies have paid for and beyond that, a store is going to advertise what will bring customers into their front door in order to entice them to buy something not on sale. High margin items are what brings in the cash and stores try to find a way to increase the sales of those high margin items. There has to be a fundamental demand to move product and there just...
I'm pretty sure it'll be here on Oct. 2.
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