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I voted No because I don't have a HD DVD player. I'm sticking with Blu-ray for 2007 and will re-evaluate the formats in 2008. Until then its whatever my PS3 will play, so sadly, that means no Transformers for me.
DTS HD Master Audio is going to be an option included on a regular basis on Blu-ray, just as DTS is used on DVD. I'm glad that FOX is using lossless audio of some sort and we'll be able to receive it within the year so I'm not sweatin' it.
I've used a now quite old software called TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 in the past. It can't do DTS audio, only DD. DVD Lab Pro offers a lot more options, but TMPGEnc is very easy to use as its basic. The latest version is TMPGEnc DVD Author 3. I haven't tried it. It looks neat.http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/pr...3_feature.html
DVDshrink rips them as VOB files. You can then compile the VOB files into DVD authoring software any way you like. I prefer to make a DVD menu with all the scenes listed individually, and a play all button. Each demo scene is its own chapter. Try to shoot for around 20 chapters per Demo Disc. You can take it further and make a fancier DVD menu structure with background audio and pages with similarly themed scenes on each page, but I actually like a nice, simple DVD menu...
I agree with Bclews on his comments. Most of the time, there are only a few scenes I might want to demo from each Demo Disc and without a menu, I can't find the scene very easily. Adding a "Play All" button is pretty much a standard that should always be included. Also, I don't like when the discs are authored into Titles instead of chapters because then its even more difficult to get to scenes with a single button push. Basically, I like a traditional DVD Menu driven...
Microsoft is certainly NOT trying to end the war, and they are not trying to be neutral. Their motives are not outrightly spoken, but its pretty clear their intentions.
Exactly correct. It would definetely be a compilation disc. A DEMO DISC needs to have massive horsepower in every respect, while a compilation disc needs to "hit home" with memories and such.
I agree. I always prefer the absolute best in audio and video. Besides, I typically use demos for a specific purpose for a short time. I'm also a big fan of ripping shorter scenes to demo an effect rather than some of the long scenes that can drag on. More shorter scenes. Untouched video. Untouched audio.
Kingdom of Heaven on Blu-ray.
Its not a rip off when you consider what you get. Obviously, there is intense pressure and competition between Netflix and BB. Pricing and service are cirtical for both. BB can offer an addition in-store option that Netflix doesn't have the ability to do. That adds value and/or is worthy of a price premium. BB has been subsidizing their in-store business with the hopes that their Total Access could aggressively grab market share away from Netflix. Well, BB has taken some...
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